Things just keep getting messier between Bachelor alum Danielle Maltby and her ex, Big Brotherturned-The Challenge star Paulie Calafiore. After the couple went public with their relationship in January and broke up following a cheating scandal in June, it seemed things were over. But as Paulie continued to flaunt his relationship with his fellow Challenge star, Cara Maria Sorbello, things somehow got worse. And on Dec. 20, when Danielle opened up about how she was feeling following their breakup, s–t pretty much hit the fan.

It wasn’t long before the Bachelor Nation star was reaching out to Cara through a People article, and in response the MTV star seemed to unfollow her ex online. On Dec. 27, Danielle and Cara teamed up exclusively with Us Weekly to share their texts messages from Paulie to prove that he was playing both of them. Now, he’s responding to their claims in an Instagram Live where he publicly calls for Cara to forgive him, trash talks Danielle — and digs himself into an even deeper hole of public opinion.

In the video, he claims that his relationship with Cara wasn’t “just a f–k” — but that the lack of “f–king” was part of the problem in his relationship with Danielle. According to him, he was still in love with her when he left to film The Challenge, but there was an immediate connection with Cara. Once they had sex, he knew he couldn’t go back to Danielle. “I knew that things weren’t ever going to work with Danielle and I because she wasn’t into any of that stuff” like edging or S&M, he says in the video. “Danielle only wanted to make love.”

Apparently, the star is into some “weird s–t” and “crazy sexual things” — and even claims that he had sex with Cara while she was wearing Danielle’s lingerie. “I couldn’t be with somebody that isn’t into S&M,” he says in the more than 30-minute video, also claiming that Danielle wanted to be with him but, though he still loved her, he only wanted to be with Cara. Though he insists he’s taking responsibility for what he’s done and for the fact that he “broke” Danielle, he also insists that it was partially her fault for not being able to move on, and that everything she’s saying now is part of a well-timed “smear campaign.”

“Danielle specifically waited until I was in Disney with Cara after I told her I didn’t want to be with anybody else but Cara,” he claimed. “That’s when she decides to come out with all these articles.” Later on, however, he apologizes, saying, “Danielle, I’m sorry for what I did to you… I didn’t know how to handle this situation… I couldn’t stop loving you. I’m sorry. I couldn’t stop this… I told you in Mexico that this wasn’t going to work.”

However, he continued to meet up with her and talk to her over text and on the phone, claiming in the Live that he only did so because she was suicidal without him, a claim he’s also made about his Big Brother ex, Zakiyah. But fans aren’t having any of it. Instead, they’re dragging him all over social media. “I’m getting second hand embarrassment reading Paulie’s defenses,” wrote one Twitter user, with another adding, “Paulie really said in his live, ‘You can’t put all this on me, Danielle, just because I was telling you I loved you and missed you.’ I- he doesn’t make any f–king sense, he just made himself look a lot worse.”

Fans were upset with the reality star for talking about Danielle’s alleged private mental health struggles as well as his sex life with both women. In the video, however, he again seemed to claim that his actions were the fault of the other women. “It’s no longer private,” he said. “Danielle put this all over the internet.” Private or not, we’re sure this won’t be the last we’re hearing of the drama.