Love didn’t last. Bachelorette star Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez split a year after getting engaged during season 6. What went wrong between the couple and who are they dating or married to today? Keep reading to find out.

The leading lady, 35, said yes after her final contestant, 36, got down on one knee during the finale, which aired in August 2010. Although the Massachusetts native said she and Roberto were “living together” in October 2011, the Bachelor Nation couple officially announced their split the following November.

Are Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez Still Together After 'Bachelorette'? Why They Split
ABC/Heidi Gutman

Looking back, Ali exclusively admitted to Life & Style in March 2019 her “biggest regret” from her season was not getting to know her fiancé well enough.

“I just thought Roberto was so hot that, every time I was around him, I was just making out with him. I barely talked to him,” the 1st Look star explained. “I got engaged to a stranger, but I was like, ‘He looks good!’ … Most people, even if you do talk on the show, your time together is so limited. Every single person who gets engaged on the show, gets engaged to a stranger.”

The former “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast host noted that the leads spend “less than 24 hours physically together” with their final rose recipient before getting engaged. “Your time is split up between group dates and you’ve only had two one-on-one dates by the time you get engaged. Two dates! And so you really don’t know the person,” she noted.

However, her chemistry with Roberto was definitely real, and she confirmed they went all the way in the fantasy suite. “I know a lot of past Bachelor’s and Bachelorette’s sleep with every single person. All three. I did not, I only did with one, but I know that there are people who do,” Ali continued.

Her other top contestants included Frank Neuschaefer, who eliminated himself after confessing he was still in love with his girlfriend back home, and Chris Lambton, who Ali eliminated before the final rose ceremony.

Ali revealed Frank, 41, leaving rocked her season because her feelings were pretty clear at that point. “If it were Roberto and Frank in the end, then I might’ve taken them both to the rose ceremony because I honestly would’ve probably been torn. But, with Chris, I was like … this is silly,” she said.

The leading lady did find last love with husband Kevin Manno. The pair got married in March 2017 and have two young children — Molly and Riley.

Roberto announced via Twitter in January 2020 he was engaged to girlfriend Kristiana Elliott. “When you know, you know. Found my forever sweetheart,” he wrote along with a photo of his gorgeous fiancée. The former contestant has since deleted the tweet and all evidence of Kristiana off of his social media, so it’s unclear where their relationship stands at the moment.

Ali and Roberto have come a long way since The Bachelorette!