What happens in the fantasy suite doesn’t necessarily stay in the fantasy suite. Former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky shared exclusive details with Life & Style about what happens behind closed doors once the cameras go off. She even divulged that she had an escape plan for one of her overnight dates.

The blonde beauty was the leading lady for season 6 and ended up getting engaged to Roberto Martinez during the finale. Her ending was surprising because she famously sent her runner-up, Chris Lambton, home before he could get down on one knee. It turns out, she knew she didn’t want to go any farther with him, physically or emotionally. “I had the producer call the room to say that they needed me so I could leave,” Ali admitted about her overnight date with Chris. “So, I didn’t spend the night. But, that wasn’t played on the show. Nobody knew that.”

Ali Fedotowsky and Chris Lambton ABC's "The Bachelorette" - Season Six
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What actually happens during the fantasy suite? It’s some much needed time away from the cameras. “Really, you just get so excited to talk … Imagine when you’re in front of the cameras, you’re in front of your parents the whole time. That’s kind of how, at least, I looked at it. And then, when the cameras were away you could talk about all the things that you couldn’t talk about in front of your parents.”

As for sex? That happens, too. “For me, you know, I only had one real overnight date … You sleep with the person. You do. I know a lot of past Bachelors and Bachelorettes sleep with every single person. All three. I did not. I only did with one, but I know that there are people who do.”

Ali Fedotowsky Roberto ABC's "The Bachelorette" - Season Six
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Ali shared her prediction for our famous virgin Bachelor, Colton Underwood. She said, “I don’t know what’s going to happen with Colton, we’ll see. What I think what is going to happen [is] I think he is going to sleep with one person. Like whoever he knows that he likes, I guarantee that he loses his virginity in the fantasy suite. I bet.”

Ali Fedotowsky husband Kevin Manno and daughter molly
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These days, Ali is happily married to Kevin Manno, whom she shares two gorgeous children with — Molly, 2, and Riley, 10 months. “She is just the best big sister. There’s a little bit of jealousy, you know, she knows what toys are hers and what toys are Riley’s. If anything, our biggest concern is keeping her off of him because she smothers him … Especially when she’s sick, which is all the time, she wants to kiss him and hug him.”

Now that her oldest is in preschool, she knows what it’s like to have sick kids in the house and does everything to try and make them comfortable. “One of the ways I feel like is very important to do that is we use Puffs Plus Lotion and it’s dermatologically tested to be really gentle on noses … I know as a parent how hard it is when your kid is sick. You want to do everything in the world to keep them as comfortable as possible.”

She’s come a long way since season 6. Keep killing the mom game, Ali! If you can’t wait to see how this season ends, you can check out the spoilers here.

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