They’re back … maybe! Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright are raising eyebrows about a possible return to the Vanderpump Rules universe as Scandoval continues to make headlines.

“We have things that are coming, arising,” Jax, 43, teased to Entertainment Tonight on March 21. “I don’t know what we’re allowed to [say]. We’re working on a situation. … What I’d like to have is the parents on one [show] and that’s what I wanted, but I don’t know. [Scandoval] is causing a lot right now so they’re kind of waiting to see how this plays out.”

That being said, Jax had a lot to say about former best friend Tom Sandoval cheating on Ariana Madix (his then-girlfriend of nine years) with Raquel Leviss.

“I know who he is,” the former Bravo star explained in a video shared to People’s TikTok on March 21. “There’s a reason why it’s Raquel – because she can be controlled. Ariana is a very strong, independent woman … you can’t control her. And I think he likes to control. He likes to be able to tell her what to do, and I think Raquel is very easily influenced, she’s very codependent and I think he kind of preys on that. That’s why I think it’s her.”

Keep reading for details on Jax and Brittany’s possible return to reality TV.

Are Jax and Brittany Returning to ‘Vanderpump Rules’?

“I would come back,” Jax affirmed to Entertainment Tonight.

Back to 'Vanderpump Rules'? Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright Address Possible Reality TV Return
Jax Taylor/Instagram

“We’re very, very grateful for Vanderpump Rules, for Bravo, but it brings anxiety to me,” Brittany, 34, added. “Just because we lived that life. It’s like you have to relive all the moments and everything and it’s a whole different thing being on a reality show. We’re really grateful, but it brings up a lot of emotions for me I feel like.”

Instead of an immediate return to the reality show, the couple — who tied the knot in June 2019 — is launching their “When Reality Hits” podcast.

However, Jax and Brittany revealed they were going to be back on ​fans television screens after they booked a three-episode deal with Peacock.

They announced the big news via Instagram on April 12, 2023, sharing that they’re going to give a full commentary on new Vanderpump Rules episodes and everything ​Scandoval. The recap show streams on Thursdays on Peacock following the new VPR episodes on Bravo.

Then while appearing on former costar Lala Kents “Give Them Lala” podcast, Brittany seemingly dropped a major hint.

“I’m coming for you guys next season,” she said on the April 26 episode, adding, “Oh, wait. ”

Why Did Jax and Brittany Leave ‘Vanderpump Rules’?

“Our life was just going in such a different direction and it wasn’t fitting with our life at the time,” Brittany told ET during the same March interview. “I feel like we were so lucky and so grateful for everything that we had on the show but I just really don’t think the last two seasons would have made sense with us anyway, so it’s all good.”

Jax, for his part, said it’s been “a nice mental health break” not to film.

Are Jax and Brittany Starring In Their Own Reality Show?

While they’re staying tight-lipped for now, Jax has some ideas up his sleeve.

“I would like to see, do the parents’ [show],” he teased. “I think we had such a following. I mean we’re on for almost a decade and we ended right at our wedding, so there’s a whole another chapter of our lives now that people are kinda like, ‘Well, what are they doing now?'”

Jax talked about the rumors of Valley Village, a Vanderpump Rules spinoff including Kristen Doute and other former costars during a Rolling Stone interview published on May 31.

“It’s definitely not dead, but I can’t talk about it. I apologize. There are a lot of moving parts right now, and this interview is happening right in the middle of it,” he told the publication.

The former model lightly touched on other reality TV gossip of him and Brittany returning to Bravo and even season 11, saying, “Usually where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”