The Bachelor contestant Tierra LiCausi was one of the most polarizing ladies on Sean Lowe’s season. With iconic quotes like “I can’t control my eyebrows” and “nobody will take my sparkle away,” she’s pretty much unforgettable. As season 17 airs on June 8 for The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever, you may be wondering what Tierra is up to today. Keep reading to find out!

After viewers saw her dramatic exit on The Bachelor in 2013, Tierra announced she was engaged to a man she had dated three years prior to meeting Sean. 

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ABC/Craig Sjodin

“As she was leaving St. Croix, the producers gave her cell phone back to her and she found a hundred emails and phone calls from him,” the Bachelor Nation babe’s brother, Tyler LiCausi, explained to E! News at the time. “He happened to be calling again at the moment she got her phone, she answered, and they agreed they would meet in Denver.”

She was happy where life had taken her, but her brother confessed she didn’t “want the 15 minutes [of fame] any more” after receiving a mixed reaction from fans. Tierra did not reveal the identity of her mystery man, but they sadly split a few months later. 

These days, Tierra still stays mostly out of the spotlight. She lives in her hometown of Las Vegas and is dating a guy named Tyler, who lives in Denver, according to the starlet’s Facebook page. Tierra previously lived in Colorado for a period of time, so it’s possible that’s when she and her beau met. 

The Nevada native almost made it to hometowns during season 17, despite a few hiccups along the way. Her and Sean’s future seemed bright after Tierra was given the first impression rose by the leading man. The author actually put his own spin on his journey to find love by presenting 11 other women with a first impression rose throughout the night. 

During week 3, Sean was on his way to the mansion to pick up AshLee Frazier for a one-on-one date when Tierra took a tumble down the stairs, which was not caught on camera. The contestant claimed she hit her head and was put in a neck brace when the paramedics arrived. However, she took off the brace and refused to go to the hospital — but she ended up scoring some extra alone time with Sean before his outing with AshLee. 

Tierra had another run-in with the paramedics during a group date after the contestants participated in a “Polar Bear Plunge,” where they jumped in icy lake water. The Vegas native suffered from hypothermia upon resurfacing, and the medical team told her to stay in her hotel room and rest. Tierra still showed up for the evening portion of the group date, though. 

Throughout the weeks, Tierra continually butted heads with multiple ladies in the house, but Sean proceeded to keep her around because he believed she had a good heart. 

However, real trouble started brewing between her and Sean during a cocktail party when the Dancing With the Stars alum witnessed her arguing with the other girls. 

Things came to an end for good the week before hometown dates. Tierra and Sean spent the day exploring the town in St. Croix on a one-on-one date. Overall, it went OK, but she called out the stud for seeming “distant.” Sean also revealed AshLee previously claimed Tierra was two-faced.

When she returned to the house, Tierra promptly called out the Houston native for throwing her under the bus, and they erupted into a huge fight. At the same time, Sean’s sister, Shay, arrived to the island and wanted to meet Tierra to figure out what was going on. The leading man went to the house only to find Tierra crying over the aftermath of her argument with AshLee. After so much drama, Sean thought it was best for Tierra to simply go home … and she did. 

Of course, Sean went on to get engaged to Catherine Giudici, whom he married in 2014. As for Tierra, she appears to be doing A-OK these days!