Looks like this romance is already wilting. Though Rachel Lindsay hasn’t been able to stop gushing about her new fiancé, Bryan Abasolo, since Season 13 of The Bachelorette wrapped on Monday, Aug. 7, the reality TV couple are already fighting now that the cameras are gone.

“Behind closed doors, there are problems in their relationship already,” a source told In Touch. “Watching some of the scenes has obviously been hard for Bryan. He had no idea how strong Rachel’s feelings were for [runner-up Peter Kraus] and couldn’t believe how torn she was over who to pick.”

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In fact, the insider said that the handsome chiropractor, 37, is scared that Rachel, 32, still has leftover feelings for Peter. “Bryan can’t help but fear that Rachel loved Peter more than she loves him,” the source continued. “It’s causing tension.”

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Unable to push his fear aside, Bryan eventually confronted Rachel about his concerns over her relationship with Peter, 31. “He flat-out asked her, ‘Why did you pick me?’” said the source. “Rachel, as honest as she claims to be, didn’t really have a good answer for Bryan.”

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Not only does Bryan feel like he “won [The Bachelorette] by default,” but he and Rachel are butting heads over their contrasting lifestyles. “They’ve also clashed over Rachel’s social life. She likes to go out with her girlfriends, but Bryan’s the complete opposite,” the insider revealed. “He works every day, so he really isn’t into going out. He’d much rather hang out at home.”

Plus, Bryan and Rachel have yet to decide on whether they should shack up in his hometown of Miami or settle down in Los Angeles, where she is interested in pursuing a career in broadcast journalism. “But Bryan really doesn’t want to leave Miami,” the source told In Touch. “He has his chiropractic practice there — it’s something he’s worked very hard for. It would be very difficult to walk away from his business and his clients.”

Despite their differences, Rachel and Bryan can agree on one thing. They are both eager to start a family. “We do want kids — four!” the Dallas-based attorney recently told Entertainment Tonight, while Bryan said, “She wants four to be the max and I want three.”