Ouch! Rachel Lindsay has some tough words for fans who believe that she was too hard on Peter Kraus on the finale of The Bachelorette. Rachel broke up with Peter after he refused to propose on the reality dating competition, meaning Bryan Abasolo received the final rose.

However, Rachel is adamant she did not settle, despite what audiences believe, and accused Peter of manipulating her during the process. “There was a lot of push and pull, and to be honest with you, I felt a lot of manipulation in there,” the 32-year-old attorney told ET. “It triggered past emotions from my past relationship.”

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She continued, “I felt like he was giving me just enough to keep me and string me along rather than being forthcoming with everything.” Her fiancé Bryan also called out Peter for his “wishy-washy” behavior.

“To watch that over with Peter, it was just really frustrating to see her go through that,” he said. “Here you have somebody that was totally forthright from day one, totally invested, totally committed, and then on the other end you have this person who is back and forth, wishy-washy, doesn’t really know what he wants and it’s tough to watch as a man.” Tell us how you really feel, Bryan.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Bachelorette’ Couple Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo Are Already Planning Their Wedding!

Despite the criticism from Bachelor Nation, Rachel is adamant she is not living a mediocre life and is already talking babies! Sources reveal exclusively to Life & Style that Rachel is fast-tracking her wedding to have kids as soon as possible.

“Rachel can’t wait to start a family with Bryan, and he’s more than ready to be a father,” a source said. “His wanting to have kids was definitely something she considered in choosing him over Peter. They both are so excited.”

The insider continued, “She also loves being an aunt to her three-year-old nephew, Alistair. She loves spending time with him and shopping for baby clothes and toys. Rachel has her mind set on having four kids. She wants an even mix of girls and boys.”

Hopefully, Rachel didn’t completely ruin Peter’s chances at being the next Bachelor. Fingers crossed!

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