The competition is getting fierce — and shady — on The Bachelorette!

Now that the guys are battling it out to get the chance to show Rachel Lindsay around on the upcoming hometown dates, tensions are at an all-time high — and now Peter Kraus and Dean Unglert are turning on fellow frontrunner Bryan Abasolo!

In a deleted scene from the week 5 episode, Dean and Peter enjoyed a game of chess together while they threw some major shade at Bryan while he was out exploring Osolo, Norway on his first solo date with Rachel.

“I think when he gets back, he’ll have a swagger to his step,” Peter said.

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“More so of a swagger,” Dean agreed. “Because you can tell sometimes by the way he talks, he like kind of squints his eye and leans back a little bit — he’s like confident.”

Peter continued to diss Bryan in his confessional, and he said that Bryan rubs him the wrong way because he comes across as smooth — a little too smooth. He doesn’t think that he’s not the type of man that Rachel needs in her life and he doesn’t think Bryan is good enough for Rach.

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“I think she needs a leader,” Peter said. “I think she needs a guy who has genuine confidence that’s not cockiness or arrogance.”

The guys brought up a comment that Bryan made on the group date to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, when he revealed that he was the first person to kiss Rachel on the first night in the mansion. He made a snide comment to Will, who said that he would be the second person to kiss Rach, and Bryan told him that he could have his “sloppy seconds.”

“I wouldn’t want someone like that for her,” Peter told Dean.

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