Warning: Spoilers ahead. His truth! Season 19 Bachelorette contestant Hayden Markowitz responded to his appearance on the ABC show after calling co-leading lady Gabby Windey, “rough around the edges” during their one-on-one chat. The Monday, July 25, episode was full of heightened emotions as the men were forced to choose between Gabby and Rachel Recchia.

“What a night, with so many emotions going on I have to say I have an overwhelming amount of respect for Gabby and Rachel,” the 29-year-old Tampa native captioned stills from the show in a social media post shared after the episode. “Looking back I can definitely say I may not be the most eloquent with words at times but I aimed my heart in the direction of my intentions.”

After making it clear to Gabby that he was there for her Bachelorette counterpart, Rachel, the reality star made it to the rose ceremony where he received Rachel’s final rose. Hayden’s caption continued, “Extremely glad Rachel saw me for who I am inside and allowed me to continue the journey with her.”

The Bachelorette's Hayden Markowitz Responds After Calling Gabby Windey ‘Rough Around the Edges'
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Before he received Rachel’s rose, Hayden caused Gabby to break down following the girls’ group date with the men because of the comments he made.

“Hayden tells me he feels his morals more aligned with Rachel and being called ‘rough around the edges,’ like, definitely hurts,” Gabby explained during her confessional during the episode. “I think these guys coming to me and saying that because I’m different they don’t want to be with me is validating that, maybe, I’m too much for people.”

Ahead of Monday’s episode, fans have started to speculate that Hayden is going to be this season’s “villain.” Even Reality Steve shared some apparent spoilers from the season and claimed that Hayden is going to get caught comparing an ex-girlfriend to both Gabby and Rachel. However, this remains to be seen as new episodes continue to air.

Throughout their journeys for love, both Gabby and Rachel have made it clear that they, in no way, will be pitted against each other. This was shown in this week’s episodes as the contestants made their choice between the two women.

“They are not competing against one another,” host Jesse Palmer told TV Insider earlier this month. “What I can say is they absolutely need to support each other as friends to get through this.”

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