Soon-to-be aunt Bella Hadid took to her Instagram Story to congratulate Gigi Hadid on her first pregnancy with on-again, off-again boyfriend Zayn Malik

“I’m going to be a freaking auntie!!!” the gorgeous model gushed over her sister’s pregnancy photo shoot on Wednesday, August 26. “I will cherish this little bean forever. I’m so proud of you, [Gigi], you are a glowing goddess of light, love, adventure and joy. Bless you.”

Of course, Gigi’s entire family is over the moon. Although, a source did exclusively tell Life & Style that her mom, Yolanda Hadid, was initially shocked by the news. “[They] didn’t know what to think when Gigi first told them [about the pregnancy] … but now, they’re excited,” the insider assured. “Seeing Gigi so happy makes them happy. They’ve welcomed Zayn into the family.”

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While the supermodel, 25, and former One Direction singer, 27, have struggled to make their relationship work in the past, it seems that’s all behind them now. “Despite everything that’s happened between them and all their ups and downs, they’ve come out stronger than ever. They’re in a great place and are madly in love,” the source expressed.

One way the family is celebrating the news is by online shopping for baby clothes. After the expectant couple learned they’re having a girl, Gigi was “ecstatic,” and a second source tells Life & Style it seems Bella and Yolanda feel the same way. “[They] have spent a fortune on adorable designer baby clothes over the past week,” they said. “They’re having a blast.”

Even if Gigi’s pregnancy came as a surprise to her family and fans, it’s clear the California native has been dropping hints for a while. In fact, in February, Gigi told i-D magazine that she was thinking about having children. “I think that as I get older … well, one day, I’ll start a family and I don’t know if I will always be modeling,” she said at the time.

It’s also worth noting the number of tiny clues she left all over social media. For example, at her 25th birthday celebration on April 25, some of Gigi’s gifts were placed in baby-themed bags, her balloons were tied with blue and pink ribbon and it appeared as though she drank coffee or tea while her family enjoyed cocktails.

In her first birthday post, Gigi made it a point to hide Zayn’s face. However, she later posted a Boomerang with the “Let Me” artist standing between herself and Bella. “Coolest crowd,” Gigi’s dad, Mohamed Hadid, commented.

Clearly, everyone is so supportive of the parents to be!