Brad Pitt might not have the same zodiac sign as his daughter Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, but their differentiating signs likely formed a strong father-daughter relationship from the start. 

Shiloh has stepped back into the spotlight along with her mom, Angelina Jolie, and siblings at the red carpet premieres for Eternals in Los Angeles, Rome and London in October 2021.  An insider exclusively told In Touch how Brad felt about seeing his daughter looking so beautiful and grown up.

“Brad doesn’t want [Shiloh] growing up so fast but he’s proud to see her on red carpets,” the source previously told In Touch on November 24. “It’s been a confidence boost for Shiloh. Of course, he worries about the effect of Hollywood on all his kids, but he does trust Angie’s instincts in this area.” 

Although the Mr. & Mrs. Smith actor is concerned about his daughter being in the limelight, his and Shiloh’s natural astrological traits allow themselves to thrive in new situations. 

Keep reading to see what Brad Pitt’s zodiac sign is and how it aligns with Shiloh’s. 

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Today — Pics of Brad and Angelina's Daughter
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Brad Pitt Is a Sagittarius

As a Sagittarius, the Fight Club actor likely embodies the sign’s typical traits of wanting adventure and taking risks. As a highly acclaimed actor, these traits are significant for the variety of roles Brad has taken on. 

Rather than sticking to one genre, Brad has acted in many different types of roles, such as when he portrayed the real-life Oakland Athletics baseball general manager Billy Beane in the 2011 sports film Moneyball, and when he played a father fighting a zombie apocalypse in the 2013 action horror film World War Z

Due to his ability to take risks, Brad was able to pivot between starkly different film roles. 

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Is a Gemini

Anyone with the Gemini astrological sign tends to enjoy switching up their surroundings. Since Shiloh has become engaged with dancing as a hobby, she would therefore become accustomed to more variety. 

In November 2021, clips of Angie and Brad’s daughter participating in a beginner hip-hop class in Los Angeles surfaced online. She was dancing to Missy Elliott’s “Get Your Freak On.” 

Her mom, who is also a Gemini, and her dad were “impressed” by how “natural” of a dancer she is, a second source exclusively told In Touch on November 24. 

Thanks to her star sign, Shiloh can be fearless when it comes to learning and tackling new dance moves. 

Brad Pitt and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Are Both ‘Compassionate’ 

Fans have noted the physical similarities between the Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood actor and Shiloh. However, the father-daughter duo have more in common than just appearances, most likely thanks to their zodiac signs. 

Both the Sagittarius and Gemini signs emit an energetic presence, complimenting one another’s equally excited nature, and they tend to avoid holding grudges against one another as well as other people.

Aside from a knack for adventure and variety, this father and daughter are also empathetic people. 

“They not only look alike, but they have the same big heart,” an insider exclusively told In Touch on November 26, 2021. “They’re very compassionate and loving. They’re both very open, they enjoy meeting new people. Shiloh seems to have somehow picked up Brad’s midwestern demeanor.”