Breakfast or the hottest new beauty tool? This one goes out to all of us who spend more than $20 on blending sponges. In a recent video posted by Cole Sprouse on Instagram, Camila Mendes can be seen casually dabbing what looks to be a sponge all over face — from her cheekbones to her chin and everywhere in-between. Cole pans down to reveal that Camila’s new makeup staple is actually just a pancake from her plate.

Hmmm, pass the syrup? Pop’s Chocklit Shoppe is clearly not known for its breakfast dishes.  If you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes on the Riverdale set, you have your answer.

This is not the only beauty hack Camila has shared with her loyal followers. In October, the actress posted a photo on her Instagram story using her bangs for creative, full pimple coverage. She captioned the photo, “Why use photoshop when you can find creative ways of hiding your pimple.” Honestly, we’re here for the realness, Cami.

Camila Mendes funny Instagram story

Besides killing it as Veronica Lodge, speakeasy owner and loyal GF to Archie Andrews, Camila is equally winning in real life. She’s dating her fellow co-star, Charles Melton, and the two seem really happy together. He even revealed that his nickname for her is “baby dragon” while on the red carpet at the People’s Choice Awards.

Camila explained the meaning behind the pet name during an interview on Busy Tonight. “I can be quite…I guess just ferocious is the only word, but it’s like a cute type of ferocious,” the actress said. “I’m Brazilian. We’re, like, passionate, so sometimes it’s like a little baby dragon comes out.”

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While the couple isn’t shy about sharing the occasional picture on social media, Camila did admit that she has reservations about dishing too much. “I like to talk to people so my instinct is always just to talk about it, but then the famous side of me is like don’t do that,” she told Busy Philipps. “At the end of the day [our relationship] is a private thing.”

If relationship details aren’t in the mix, then hopefully the actress keeps serving up her best breakfast beauty tricks. Bacon headband? Blueberry eyeshadow? The sky is the limit, Cami.

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