After last week's intense cliffhanger, every Riverdale fan in the world is anxiously waiting to find out if Jughead is really dead. The wait was made even worse, when Jughead actor Cole Sprouse decided to get cryptic on Twitter. "Grateful, thank you #riverdale," he wrote minutes following the episode's end. What in the name of jingle-jangle does it mean?!

Well, despite the grim prognosis, there's absolutely no way that Jughead is going to die. Don't worry, we have some evidence to back it up. For starters, and perhaps the most obvious, Jughead narrates the entire story — he's as integral to the plot as Archie. Without Jughead, there seemingly would be no show. However, teen dramas have been known to kill off major characters before — ahem, Marissa Cooper on The OC — so, we can't just leave it at that.

The second major clue comes from the promo for tonight's episode. The scene opens with Betty, Veronica, and Archie standing at someone's grave. Dialogue from a teary-eyed Betty is dubbed over the shot. "Our story's not over, it's just beginning," she cries. Touching? Yes. But far too obvious.

The Riverdale writers have a knack for creating suspense and mystery — Jason Blossom's death and the identity of The Blackhood are prime examples — it seems very unlikely that they'd share Jughead's funeral scene in a promo. The shot is likely a scene from the gang visiting Fang's cemetery plot.

is jughead really dead?
The CW

Last, but certainly not least, the official description for this evening's finale basically says that Jughead isn't dead. “With Fred (Luke Perry) trailing in the polls, Archie (KJ Apa) steps in to lend a hand in his dad’s mayoral campaign. Veronica (Camila Mendes) stays one step ahead after uncovering Hiram’s (Mark Consuelos) latest scheme. Elsewhere, Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) finalizes her emancipation from her mother, while FP makes a surprising announcement to Jughead and the Serpents. Finally, Betty confronts her darkest demons.”

Unless FP is speaking to Juggy's ghost, that's all the confirmation we need. Be sure to tune into Riverdale tonight on The CW at 8 p.m. EST.