On Riverdale, things are not what they seem and we've found an enormous plot hole that pretty much reinforces that idea. And we know that "plot hole" is usually a code word for "fan grievances" (on Riverdale "plot holes" aren't what they seem either), but this is something that actually messes with the continuity and canon of the show. And no, this isn't going to poke anything into your ironclad Black Hood theories. Instead, it unravels the dynamic between Archie Andrews and Betty Cooper. Watch our video to learn more about this gaping Riverdale plot hole and how it rips apart the show.

But first, a bit of backstory, and let's go all the way back to the pilot episode because that's how long they've been deceiving us. In "Chapter One: A River's Edge," we're introduced to perfect girl next door Betty Cooper and her pretty pink pastel room. She's going to see her best friend Archie tonight, and is totes nervous because she's gonna confess she has a crush on him. Then Betty gets a sneak peek through her bedroom window. "Oh my God," her pal and literal gem Kevin Keller says. "Archie got hot!"

Yes, we all remember our introduction to hot!Archie and his abs, and that isn't the problem here (unless you're a comic book purist). The problem is that Betty can see Archie (and vice versa) because they're supposed to be neighbors. But we've got proof that Betty isn't actually the perfect girl next door she's made out to be. And no, we're not referring to her Dark Betty alter ego here. Trust us, we have the proof.