Maddie Ziegler
Courtesy of Maddie Ziegler/Instagram

Clearly, Maddie Ziegler knows how to make the best of the quarantine. The Dance Moms alum took to Instagram on Saturday, April 25, to share a series of poolside photos.

“Currently,” the 17-year-old captioned the post. Fans couldn’t help but compliment the dancer on her strong physique. “Your figure is insane,” wrote one follower. “Imagine looking like this,” commented another. “I just want to have her body,” replied a third.

It turns out, the blonde beauty works hard for her figure. On April 16, Maddie uploaded a YouTube video in which she gave fans a glimpse into her workout regimen, which includes jumping jacks, sit-ups, squats and a lot of stretching.

In addition, Maddie also got candid about skincare. “The reason I shower immediately after I work out is because one: I don’t know if you can see, but I’m prone to breaking out,” the Sia collaborator divulged. “Not only on my face but my back breaks out actually pretty bad and I get a lot of sweat bumps due to working out. So if I quickly get in the shower right after, then I won’t break out as much.”

She also gave followers tips on how to achieve clear skin. “So I suggest, the second you work out and you’re sweating, you shouldn’t let the sweat just sit on your skin and soak in,” Maddie continued. “You should definitely shower and really scrub and get a nice wash.”

Maddie seems to be spending plenty of time with her boyfriend, Eddie Benjamin, amid the pandemic. She shared the first photo with him on March 15, and they make the most adorable couple. Even her mom, Melissa Gisoni, agrees. “Such a beautiful picture!” she commented on the snap of the pair. She’s posted several more since, and it appears the sweet duo is quarantining together at her family’s home.

Staying busy is also made easier thanks to her foster pup, Boots. “It’s the best thing that me and my family did,” she said about fostering the dog. “He’s kept me feeling safe and so comforted.” How sweet!