Have you ever wondered how Maddie Ziegler always looks so fabulous? Well, lucky for you, the 17-year-old shared her workout regimen and beauty secrets in a Youtube Video she recently uploaded while quarantining amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Dance Moms alum started out by giving fans a glimpse into her exercise routine, which consisted of squats, jumping jacks, sit-ups and more.

Then, she revealed her skincare routine. “The reason I shower immediately after I work out is because one: I don’t know if you can see, but I’m prone to breaking out,” she admitted. “Not only on my face but my back breaks out actually pretty bad and I get a lot of sweat bumps due to working out. So if I quickly get in the shower right after, then I won’t break out as much.”

The blonde beauty, who since uploading this video dyed her hair pink, urged others to shower right away in order to have clear skin. “So I suggest, the second you work out and you’re sweating, you shouldn’t let the sweat just sit on your skin and soak in. You should definitely shower and really scrub and get a nice wash.”

Maddie Ziegler
Courtesy of Maddie Ziegler/Instagram

From there, Maddie washed her face and began her skincare routine, which included moisturizing and applying eye cream. After, she decided to let the products “sink in” before applying makeup so the Sia collaborator prepared herself a protein shake and drank it as she waited.

Unfortunately, she did not show herself applying makeup, but she did flaunt the pup she’s currently fostering with boyfriend Eddie Benjamin. “If you’re wondering if you haven’t already seen my Instagram, this perfect baby … This is Boots,” she said kissing the dog. “I’m fostering this little angel from the Lebel foundation. They’re incredible, and I would suggest checking it out because it’s the best thing that me and my family did. He’s kept me feeling safe and so comforted.”

The professional dancer shared her first photo with Boots on April 7. “In love with him,” she captioned the Instagram photos with him. Hey, we are too!