What a great day to play! Dance Moms alum Maddie Ziegler took to her Instagram Stories to share the sweetest video clip of her boyfriend, Eddie Benjamin, playing with their new foster dog on April 7— and obviously, we’re obsessed.

“Lovebirds,” the 17-year-old dance prodigy wrote over the sweet, yet silent, black and white vid of her boyfriend, 18, playing tenderly with the new pup. Needless to say, it looks like the Australian musician loves the new addition to the family as much as Maddie does.

In fact, the brunette beauty showed how thrilled she was to welcome the tiny puppy to her home on Instagram on April 5. “Fostering this beautiful baby boy,” she captioned a set of two photos, one of herself and the dog lying down and another just of the small canine. “In love with him.”

It’s cute to see Maddie and her boyfriend gain another ~friend~ for their quarantine crew amid social distancing measures to combat coronavirus in Los Angeles. The loved-up couple has been posting tons of cute photos to the ‘gram amid their time inside.

It all started on March 15, when the Sia collaborator posted a photo of herself and her man snuggled up in bed together — and one follower was a little put off by the fact that Eddie was shirtless in the snap.

“This pic looks a little inappropriate,” the user commented. Luckily, Maddie’s mom, Melissa Gisoni, flocked to the couple’s rescue. “He has his shirt off for god’s sake! He’s a boy!” the 51-year-old clapped back.

From there, the dynamic duo laid low for two weeks before coming back with another selfie, this time in the bathroom. “What have you guys been up to in quarantine??” Maddie captioned the March 27 photo of herself and Eddie smiling in the mirror.

A few days later, the Pittsburgh native and her beau posed for another pic. “Relaxing or bored?” Maddie asked fans and followers on April 2, while she and Eddie hung out in the grass. Unsurprisingly, this tight twosome is head over heels for one another — and they’re thrilled to become a ~threesome~ with the help of their new pup.