Do you, girl! Demi Burnett had a very candid conversation with Katie Morton about her sexuality during the August 13 episode of Bachelor in Paradise. Fans have watched her develop a relationship with Derek Peth up until this point, but she is still feeling torn over a woman she was dating before coming on the show. Bachelor Nation and her costars rallied to support the blonde beauty and how transparent she was.

“I just feel like being here I am figuring so much out about myself,” she admitted through tears to her pal. “I’m tired of being tough Demi, I’m tired of being Demi god … There’s another person in me, there are layers of me. I’ve been embarrassed of them my whole life, just wanting to be strong and tough.”

The blonde beauty confessed that showing people the true side of herself can be difficult. “It’s really hard though and I’m really, really scared still,” she explained. “I just 100 percent want to be myself but it’s really hard.”

Her relationship with the woman back home muddied her mind and made it hard for her to go all-in on Paradise. “I have feelings for Derek but in actuality, I am very conflicted about Derek and I don’t think Derek knows that,” Demi said about the stud. “Acceptance is something I’ve struggled with in my life … I just want to be able to exist and love who I love and it be accepted.”

Demi Burnett and Derek Peth Bachelor In Paradise Chatting

Demi later acknowledged that she’s still taking it one day at a time. “I really don’t know what I want and that’s what I’m trying to figure out and I don’t want to hurt anybody,” she revealed. “I want to do what is going to make my heart the happiest. I am always afraid of how people are going to take it — if people change their minds about me.”

However, she’s been open with her family and hopefully, she can live her truth. “Its a hard thing in general, like I literally just told my parents, not about her, but about everything … I told them I like boys and girls … It went really good but it was really hard and something I was really scared to do for a really long time.”

Her costars on Paradise were super supportive of her honesty. “Bachelor Nation is lucky to have someone like [Demi Burnett],” Onyeka Ehie gushed about the blonde bombshell. Chris Bukowski cheered her on by tweeting, “We love you,” while Kristina Schulman added, “You’re an inspiration to SO many. Be Brave, Stay Strong, Live your life Unapologetically YOURSELF.”

Demi is a huge inspiration and brings some much-needed diversity to the Bachelor franchise. Keep doing you!