Virgin or nah? Colton Underwood ended up sending home his remaining contestants for another shot with Cassie on The Bachelor. They agreed to take it “one day at a time” and he whisked her off to Spain.

During their date, she got to meet the football player’s parents and they enjoyed a picnic by the water. However, viewers waited anxiously to see if the two would receive a night in the fantasy suite. They later sat down for a romantic dinner and seemed a lot more relaxed than they have the previous weeks.

The Bachelor Colton Underwood Cassie Randolph fantasy suite date

Colton slyly pulled the fantasy suite invitation out from under his placemat to which she gave a resounding “Yes!” The leading man was obviously excited and booted all the producers out of his room and had them take the microphones off. He seemed absolutely giddy at the chance to spend all night with Cassie.

“I feel very good waking up,” Colton said. “Last night with Cassie was absolutely incredible and I feel like a new man.” Although he said he doesn’t kiss and tell, he dished that they “grew as a couple.”

Cassie the bachelor overnight dates

The pair did a lot of giggling as they lounged in bed together. When Cassie asked what comes next Colton simply responded by saying they’re going to take it on as a team. “I know it’s the end of this chapter but I’m so hopeful it’s the beginning of a new one, an amazing one … I’m very excited,” he coyly said.

The reality stud sounded relieved when he added, “We are finally at a point where we are on the same page.”

cassie colton the bachelor fantasy suite

Later, the pair appeared on the after show where Colton gushed that they’re having a great time dating and Cassie revealed that they are both in love. They looked genuinely head-over-heels for each other.

“The plan right now is I moved out here. We are going to be traveling this next year,” Colton said. “We are going to be spending a lot of time together as well, so we have had the conversations but we aren’t going to rush anything. We are still going to be together every single day. We are so excited right now.”

So, what’s the final word on his virginity? “I will say heading into the fantasy suite, I wasn’t thinking about anything other than fighting for our relationship,” the reality stud divulged. “Since there are two of us in the relationship now, this is something we’re going to keep to ourselves.” Of course, Chris Harrison quipped, “I’ll take that as a yes!”

It looks like these two have a bright future!