Amid the Scandoval drama, Scheana Shay might have gotten into it with Raquel Leviss. Once it was revealed to the Vanderpump Rules cast that the former pageant queen had been having a months-long affair with costar Tom Sandoval despite his nine-year relationship with Ariana Madix, it was widely reported that things had gotten physical between Scheana and Raquel following their March 1 appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen

“I did not punch her in the face,” Scheana said while on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen more than one month later, on April 19. “As you see I can’t really form a proper fist. There’s a shove and there’s a punch and I did not punch her.”

That being said, she did admit to throwing Raquel’s phone, noting that she has no “regrets” about what went down. Life & Style confirmed on March 3 that Tom, 39, and Ariana, 37, had split because of his infidelity with Raquel, 28, which rocked the Bravo world. Keep reading for what we know about the incident between Raquel and Scheana.

Did Scheana Shay Hit Raquel Leviss?

Life & Style confirmed on March 7 that Raquel filed for an order of protection over Scheana, 37, following the alleged incident. However, the “Scheananigans” podcast host is denying that a physical altercation ever went down.

“This case is a fabrication by a known liar and a cheat who has betrayed everyone close to her. Scheana never punched Raquel, period,” Scheana’s attorney Neama Rahmani, president of West Coast Trial Lawyers, shared in a statement to Life & Style on March 9. “The supposed dark markings around her left eye have been there for months,” referencing photos that Raquel submitted to the court which appears to show her with a black eye following the alleged altercation.

“Neither Scheana nor other cast members want anything to do with Rachel going forward,” Neama’s statement continued. “The judge has only heard a one-sided account of what happened, and we look forward to presenting the full and true story at the March 29 hearing.”

Did Scheana Shay Hit Raquel Leviss Amid Tom Sandoval Cheating Scandal? Rumors Explained
Charles Sykes/Bravo

During a March 31 episode of her podcast, Scheana claimed that she “did not punch [Raquel].”

“My hands ended up on her after she grabbed my wrist,” Scheana told Lala Kent. “We’ve established I can’t really form a fist with these nails.”

The Bravolebrity then explained how the altercation allegedly went down, claiming that she was more of a “biter” instead of a “barker” toward Raquel because the SUR employee was just “standing there” and not crying after telling Scheana about her and Tom’s affair.

“When she touched me, I was enraged,” Scheana added “Like, ‘Get off me. Get out of my space. I don’t want you anywhere near me.’ I needed her away from me in that moment.”

The VPR season 10 finale — which premiered on May 17 — also addressed the altercation between Scheana and Raquel. 

In one scene, Raquel showed Tom the alleged scar at the top of her face, whereas Scheana insisted in a confessional that she didn’t punch her, but rather shoved her after learning about the affair. 

“The other night, I had so much rage in me, I was so angry,” the 90210 alum explained to the camera. “I shoved [Raquel] so f—king hard away from me. Then, I ran back to my hotel room. I don’t know if my f—king nails scratched her, or when I pushed her away from me, she turned her head into the fence or the wall, but now she called Schwartz, and she’s like, ‘Scheana punched me, she punched me!'”

What Did the ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Cast Say?

Former Vanderpump Rules star Kristen Doute seemingly weighed in on the alleged altercation during an episode of her “Sex, Love and What Else Matters” podcast from March 9.

“She went into his photos. He had screen recorded a FaceTime of he and Raquel masturbating. … That’s the truth,” Kristen alleged, of how Ariana found out about the affair. “She then called Raquel, and Raquel and Scheana were together at some bar after Watch What Happens Live. … The truth of what happened was Raquel was — I’m gonna say it, she’s f–king dumb, OK. She’s walking around all Raquel like and Scheana’s like, ‘Who are you on the phone with? What’s going on?'”

The former Bravo star went on to say that Raquel “too casually” mentioned, “I’m talking to Ariana. Sandoval and I had a seven-month affair.” Per Kristen, the “Good as Gold” singer “snatched” Raquel’s phone and “threw it in the gutter.”

Kristen came to Scheana’s defense again during a March 16 appearance on “The Viall Files” podcast, noting that she doubts Scheana ever hit Raquel. 

“I know Scheana was pissed off, but, Scheana can not punch someone no matter how mad she is,” Kristen insisted. “She waves a buck five, and her nails are longer than her fingers. It’s just bulls–t.”

Is Raquel Taking Legal Action?

Other than filing for the order of protection, Raquel’s lawyers reportedly sent a letter on behalf claiming that the “intimate FaceTime session” between herself Tom had been recorded “illegally without Raquel’s knowledge or consent,” TMZ reported on March 7.

The letter apparently did not accuse anyone by name but did cite a California revenge porn law, which outlaws “nonconsensual pornography.”

Less than three weeks later, however, Raquel dropped the restraining order following the March 29 hearing.

“I can confirm that my attorney took my case off the court calendar Wednesday and is filing the appropriate paperwork requested by the court today to dismiss the TRO (temporary restraining order) from moving forward after the 29th,” she said in a statement to Us Weekly. “We let the court know I will not be moving forward with a permanent restraining order.”

Raquel continued in her statement, “The TRO was intended to provide a cooling-off period after I was punched, but I didn’t want to continue with the permanent RO nor did I want to cause Scheana further agony and stress. The document was a dismissal form that the court asked us to submit, and I wanted to show Scheana my intentions and that we had informed the judge we weren’t moving forward – and it was an explanation at the reunion to alleviate Scheana’s concerns.”

Nevertheless, Scheana’s attorney, Neama Rahmani, told Life & Style that there was “no way” Raquel could simply “drop” the restraining order.

“Rachel had Andy ‘serve’ Scheana with a document during the reunion, but the papers have no legal meaning,” Neama said in her statement. “It was a request to dismiss a complaint or a civil lawsuit, but Rachel had requested a permanent restraining order, which is something completely different. There is no way for Rachel to ‘drop’ the temporary restraining order before next week’s hearing. This is California law and even on the court’s website. Even if Rachel had the correct document, which she didn’t, it wasn’t filed with the court. There is no file stamp in the top right corner. This was just another public relations stunt by Rachel and her team. If Rachel really wanted to make this go away, she would come out and publicly say the ‘punch’ never happened and she is sorry for all the harm she caused Scheana, Ariana, and her other friends.”