The drama continues. Raquel Leviss — whose real name is Rachel — filed for an order of protection against Vanderpump Rules costar Scheana ShayLife & Style can confirm, but it’s officially been dropped.

“This isn’t reality TV. This is the real world and Rachel’s actions have real consequences. Rachel filed a false police report, a false medical report and a frivolous petition for a restraining order,” Scheana’s attorney Neama Rahmani, president of West Coast Trial Lawyers, shared in a statement to Life & Style on March 29 following a hearing regarding the restraining order. 

Keep reading for details regarding Raquel and Scheana’s feud. 

Why Did Raquel Leviss File for an Order of Protection Against Scheana?

Life & Style confirmed Raquel’s filing on March 7 following rumors that Scheana, 37, and Raquel, 28, got into a physical confrontation following their March 1 Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen appearance.

After news of Raquel’s affair with Tom Sandoval broke to the Vanderpump Rules cast, it was widely reported that things between the former beauty queen and Scheana got physical. However, this was apparently not the case.

“Scheana didn’t punch Rachel. Rachel didn’t get a black eye. Scheana pushed Rachel but only after Rachel grabbed her wrist, and Rachel did not suffer a concussion,” Neama’s March 29 statement continued. “When Rachel realized that she would lose in court and that she couldn’t just drop it, she decided to not show up at all. We were prepared to expose Rachel’s lies, but instead she will have to live knowing that she betrayed two of her best friends: Scheana and Ariana.”

The attorney concluded, “Instead of accepting responsibility for her actions, Rachel shamefully tried to misuse our justice system to shift blame to Scheana. We are happy that Scheana is now vindicated.”

Following the hearing, a source close to Raquel told Life & Style that “Scheana and her attorney were notified from the reunion to emails that Raquel wasnt moving forward with the RO.”

The insider added, “The court was notified by Raquel’s counsel that we were not attending and are not moving forward and we had filed the paperwork requested by the court clerk which is stamped received.”

Things apparently got messy after the duo taped Watch What Happens Live because Scheana found out about Raquel’s affair with Tom, 39. Scheana, for her part, is best friends with Ariana Madix, who dated Tom for nine years before the cheating scandal broke.

Did Raquel Leviss Drop Her Restraining Order Against Scheana?

Yes, Raquel’s restraining order was dropped following the hearing on March 29. Raquel revealed her plans to drop the order of protection after the duo taped the season 10 reunion on March 23.

“I can confirm that my attorney took my case off the court calendar Wednesday and is filing the appropriate paperwork requested by the court today to dismiss the TRO from moving forward after the 29th,” Raquel said in a statement to Us Weekly on March 24. “We let the court know I will not be moving forward with a permanent restraining order.”

The model claimed her team “tried to work with Scheana” to find a “mutually beneficial agreement” before the reunion.

“The TRO was intended to provide a cooling-off period after I was punched but I didn’t want to continue with the permanent RO nor did I want to cause Scheana further agony and stress,” the statement continued. “The document was a dismissal form that the court asked us to submit and I wanted to show Scheana my intentions and that we had informed the judge we weren’t moving forward – and it was an explanation at the reunion to alleviate Scheana’s concerns.”

At the time, Scheana’s attorney Neama said there is “no way” Raquel would be able to simply “drop” the restraining order.

“Rachel had Andy ‘serve’ Scheana with a document during the reunion, but the papers have no legal meaning. It was a request to dismiss a complaint or a civil lawsuit, but Rachel had requested a permanent restraining order, which is something completely different,” Neama told Life & Style on March 24. “There is no way for Rachel to ‘drop’ the temporary restraining order before next week’s hearing. This is California law and even on the court’s website. Even if Rachel had the correct document, which she didn’t, it wasn’t filed with the court. There is no file stamp in the top right corner This was just another public relations stunt by Rachel and her team. If Rachel really wanted to make this go away, she would come out and publicly say the ‘punch’ never happened and she is sorry for all the harm she caused Scheana, Ariana, and her other friends.”

In a separate statement to Us Weekly, Scheana’s attorney claimed that Raquel and her team were “lying” and “misleading fans” about the legal process, explaining, “Rachel can’t just file a false police report, ask for a multi-year restraining order, and act like everything is OK. There are real legal consequences of her actions.”

What Was Scheana Shay’s Response to Raquel’s Order of Protection Request?

“This case is a fabrication by a known liar and a cheat who has betrayed everyone close to her. Scheana never punched Rachel, period,” Scheana’s attorney previously told Life & Style on March 9. “The supposed dark markings around her left eye have been there for months,” he continued about Raquel’s photos submitted to the court purporting to show her with a black eye from the alleged altercation.

“Neither Scheana nor other cast members want anything to do with Rachel going forward. The judge has only heard a one-sided account of what happened, and we look forward to presenting the full and true story at the March 29 hearing,” Neama added.

Are 'Vanderpump Rules' Stars Raquel Leviss and Scheana Shay Feuding? Restraining Order Details

Head of the hearing, Neama released a follow-up statement, which was obtained by Life & Style. 

“We plan to show up in court tomorrow to prove these allegations are false and that Rachel lied about the entire thing,” she shared on March 28. “Despite reports that Rachel has dropped the temporary restraining order, the case remains on the court calendar for Wednesday, and we will be there to vigorously defend Scheana.”

In response, a source close to the situation told Life & Style in a statement that, “as has already been stated, Raquel has provided the paperwork to the network, who gave it to Andy, who Gave it to Scheana, who explained to their counsel, we are not moving forward.

The insider added, “I don’t know how many other ways they need to be notified.”

Were Raquel and Scheana Both at the ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 10 Reunion?

Raquel and Scheana both appeared at the reunion in person, according to respective social media posts from the Bravo stars during the March 23 taping. However, they had to film at different times to abide by the TRO’s 100-yard mandate.

Scheana’s attorney previously told Life & Style on March 15 that he felt that Raquel “sabotaged this reunion because it just can’t happen in any meaningful way while this order is in place.”

Did Raquel Take Legal Action Against Her ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Costars?

Raquel’s lawyers reportedly sent a letter on behalf after her affair with Tom had been exposed. The letter claimed that an “intimate FaceTime session” between herself and the musician had been screen recorded “illegally without Raquel’s knowledge or consent,” according to a report from TMZ on March 7.

While the letter apparently did not accuse Tom of the recording, her lawyers did cite a California revenge porn law, which outlaws “nonconsensual pornography.” It also told anyone with this alleged video to remove it from their phones or in “any other manner or method in which the recording may exist.”

Reps for Raquel and Tom did not immediately respond to Life & Style‘s request for comment.

Did Raquel Leviss Cheat With Tom Sandoval?

Life & Style confirmed on March 3 that Tom and Ariana, 37, had broken up. A source then confirmed to Life & Style that “the rumor is true … they, in fact, broke up due to Tom cheating on her with Raquel.” TMZ was first to report the news.

Tom issued an apology to Ariana days later.

“I want to first and foremost apologize to everyone I’ve hurt through this process,” he shared via Instagram, in part, on Tuesday, March 7. “Most of all, I want to apologize to Ariana. I made mistakes, I was selfish, and made reckless decisions that hurt somebody I love. No one deserves to feel that pain so traumatically and publicly. I can only imagine how devastating this has been for Ariana and everyone around us.”

Hours after his late-night Instagram post, Raquel released her own statement, apologizing for her actions and to Ariana.

“There is no excuse, I am not a victim and I must own my actions and I deeply regret hurting Ariana,” she shared, in part, to Entertainment Tonight on March 8. “I am reflecting on my choices, speaking to a counselor and I am learning things about myself such as my patterns of codependency and addiction to being and feeling loved. I have sought emotional validation through intimate connections that are not healthy without regard for my own well-being, sometimes negatively affecting others and often prioritizing the intimate connection over my friendships. I am taking steps to understand my behavior and make healthier choices.”

Concluding her message, Raquel wrote, “Right now I must focus on my own health and well-being and as I strive to be a better person moving forward, I will prioritize my mental health and learn from my mistakes.”