Fingers crossed! Will Dove Cameron will be appearing in season 4 of Riverdale? Unfortunately, it looks like most of this is just rumors, but the actress has dropped some very cryptic hints about the series over the years. The newest episode premieres on October 9 but Dove will not be in it.

Dove Cameron on New Season Riverdale
Robert Falconer/The CW

It all started when a fan created a fake trailer for the new season of the CW show which showed a brief shot of the 23-year-old actress in the rear-view mirror of a car. While it was actually pretty impressive and started trending on social media, the Liv and Maddie star shut down the rumors herself during an interview with Wired.

She flat-out answered the question by noting, “No, I’m not in Riverdale,” but was impressed by the buzz the video created.

Dove Cameron Jeans and a white Tshirt
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“Somebody made a fake Riverdale trailer and used an old music video of mine and I finally watched it because I didn’t understand why everyone was asking me when I was going to appear in Riverdale … It was this big thing on Twitter, I’d always get tweeted about it,” she explained during an interview that asked her to answer questions most searched by fans. “I was like, ‘What is going on? Why do people keep thinking I’m in Riverdale?’ Somebody made this unbelievably convincing trailer and used a shot of me that’s never really used and even I was like, ‘Oh, this looks so legit.’ So, shoutout to whoever made that trailer because, like, I would’ve bought it.”

Dove appearing on the show — which stars Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart, KJ Apa and Camila Mendes — has actually been a hope of fans for years. Back in 2017, the blonde beauty randomly paid homage to Sabrina Spellman on Instagram. This was before the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina came to Netflix with Kiernan Shipka as the star. Viewers were hoping this meant that Dove was not only cast as the lead for the show, but that there would be a possible crossover into the Riverdale world.

The former Shameless star previously noted that she’d be all in if the series came calling. “I love Riverdale. I know the cast. They were shooting that actually as we were shooting Descendants 2,” she told Shine Media in 2017. “I’d definitely be open to [joining the cast]. I love the character Sabrina, obviously. I was a huge fan of the original Archie Comics, that was like all I read when I was little.”

We probably won’t be seeing Dove this season, but we can still keep our fingers crossed, right?