Are we seeing growth? Riverdale star Camila Mendes shared a very personal message about body positivity on Instagram. Fans rejoiced to see her boyfriend, Charles Meltonsupport the starlet for her honesty after he was previously dragged for fat shaming. It looks like the couple is definitely having a positive impact on each other!

In honor of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, the actress divulged details about her struggle with body positivity. She was met with tons of praise from fans and friends, including Charles who commented, “You’re my superhero.”

Charles Melton comments on Camila Mendes body positivity instagram post

People were extremely disappointed this past summer when old tweets from the 28-year-old resurfaced that were dripping in sexist and fat-shaming remarks. He has since issued an apology and his recent comment looks like he’s working to become more educated. Considering his current girlfriend is all about empowering women, it’s amazing to see that she’s seemingly had an effect.

Riverdale star Charles Melton praises Camila Mendes body positive post on instagram
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The starlet posted a quote from Lori Liebermann that read: “Recovery doesn’t make people ‘too fat.’ Recovery makes people the way they were supposed to be, and much happier than they would’ve been with an eating disorder.”

She began her lengthy caption, “About a year ago, I decided to stop dieting and chasing this idea of a body that I was conditioned to believe is the only acceptable shape. I was never concerned with weight and numbers, but I cared a lot about having a flat tummy, no cellulite, and those ‘give that girl a sandwich’ arms that make you look slender from every angle.”

Camila Mendes body positivity
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She tried changing her point of view and focusing on things like drinking enough water and eating nourishing foods. However, her biggest shift was letting go of feeling scared about making decisions she perceived as harmful.  “ALSO, I started allowing myself to make ‘bad’ choices. because those made me feel free, and like I wasn’t trapped in an unhappy lifestyle. Give yourself the freedom to make ‘bad’ choices. They do not make or break you. They do not define you. I was terrified of giving myself the freedom, of all the weight I could potentially gain. And, to be honest, after one year of not dieting, I pretty much look the same … I’m just healthier and happier.”

“I’m not here to tell you how to live your life. I’m just here to remind you that your healthy body deserves love,” The New Romantic actor continued. “Here is a life for you in which you can be healthy in both mind and body. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, but whenever I struggle, I always come back to this: Why should I care to look like a runway model when my curves got me lookin’ like a damn fertile, renaissance goddess? … Find the beauty in your body. I promise you it’s there.”

Preach it, Cami!

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