Kim Kardashian may have recently landed a role in American Horror Story, but it doesn’t look like her mom, Kris Jenner, has an acting career in her future. Fans are roasting the A-list momager for her recent Instagram promotion, which some people are deeming “the worst ad” they’ve “ever seen.”

Kris, 67, partnered with Papa John’s and Doritos for their new food item and posted a video via Instagram on Friday, May 12, advertising the product in what seemed to be her kitchen. During the montage, the Kardashians star claimed the collaboration was “all” her idea.

“It came to me when I was running to a meeting with one of my girls; I reached over to my purse for a bag of Doritos Cool Ranch chips as we passed by a Papa John’s. I immediately stopped the car, called my kids and said, ‘Your mom just came up with the best idea ever!’” she said.

A fan shaded the advertisement in the comments section, writing, “Kris, respectfully, I’ve seen hostage videos more convincing than this.”

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Courtesy of Kris Jenner/Instagram

Kris’ eye contact moved around the frame throughout the video, leading people to accuse her of reading from cue cards.

“You ate those cue cards auntie Kris,” someone wrote, while a different person commented, “I can see you reading the teleprompter lmao.”

Moreover, others were less than convinced that the story was factual. As some critics said the “idea” made “no sense” … others simply found it hard to believe she actually carries chips in her purse.

“What is this story [laughing emojis] kris have you ever eaten doritos in your life lmao [sic],” a third person commented.

While a majority of online users poked fun at Kris’ advertisement, some admired her work ethic and for always chasing the bag.

Although Kris and her family including Kim, Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian and Kendall and Kylie Jenner are uber millionaires and billionaires, they have no problem posting advertisements online.

In fact, Kylie has recently started promoting a GLOW beverage product by posting posed photos of herself pretending to sip the drink. The beauty mogul shared a series of snapshots of herself with the product last month as she wore athleisure wear on a basketball court.

Although the pictures were a slay, people were annoyed by the “false advertisement.”

“people really fall for this? There’s no way…This kind of ad marketing is boring & outdated [sic],” one critic wrote.

A second person commented, “Take a real sip I dare u [sic].”