He may not be moving, but boy is he packin’! Supermodel Gisele Bündchen took an NSFW video of husband Tom Brady in his underwear and like his NFL career … he’s above average.

In the clip that was posted on the official Brady Brand Instagram account, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback wore nothing but a pair of boxer briefs from his upcoming clothing brand, Brady Brand. Gisele caught her hubby off guard while attempting to get the camera at just the right angles — you know, marketing. 

“Is that Brady Brand underwear?” the former Victoria’s Secret Angel laughed as Tom attempted to block the camera with a face towel and cover his private area with his hands. 

The Brazilian native isn’t the only person drooling over her husband’s assets, though. While trying to keep their composure, fans complimented Tom on his physique — while one even told him to start an OnlyFans account.

No Complaints Here! Gisele Bundchen Takes NSFW Video of Husband Tom Brady in His Underwear
Courtesy of Gisele Bundchen/ Instagram

I’ll be honest with you Tommy … I’m only looking at one thing,” an Instagram user commented under the video. “Nothing like modeling your own products … great idea,” another said. While most of the social media users were swooning over the athlete, others were sad to see that the undergarments are already sold out. 

The athlete is soon launching his technical apparel brand, which has been in the development phase for over three years. Additionally, the line has applied two decades of professional sports training engineering into their pieces to allow users to “breathe, sweat while you compete, live and recover.”

Alongside men’s underwear, consumers can purchase golf attire and other forms of athletic gear after the brand’s launch on Thursday, June 9. Tom dished on his new business endeavor with Complex, explaining that he wanted to create a brand that will be around for a “long, long time.”

I wanted to create something that can sustain the entire part of the day,” he told the publication in April 2022. “And it’s gotta look great. I want it to be timeless. When I look back years from now, it’s not something that I’m like, ‘Man, what was I wearing?’” he continued. 

“There was great intention of trying to accomplish something really special and there was a lot of details that went into our work and there was a lot of creativity to what we are doing.”