Don’t y’all know an Instagram filter when you see one? Singer Halsey (real name: Ashley Frangipane) came for fans and followers in the comments section of one of her latest social media posts after users started speculating if the 25-year-old had recently undergone plastic surgery. She had used a newly-popularized filter on the video, which made the questioning comments baffling to her.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this … but it’s an Instagram filter … didn’t f—k up my face … if [you] couldn’t tell by all the money signs …” the brunette beauty added as a second comment on her post, which she originally captioned, “woa 🍭.”

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woa 🍭

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The filter in question did, in fact, put a bunch of pink dollar signs across the singer’s face — but it also enhanced her lips and slightly thinned out her nose. Not to say that should have really convinced anyone since, well, the dollar signs were also there, but we could see how someone could be momentarily confused.

In fact, once we got to the comments we didn’t see much of a trace of anything too negative … but we did find one commenter who was definitely puzzled for a hot sec upon viewing the vid. “I was so stressed trying to figure out if [you] were using a filter until [you] moved [your] lips and then I was like OH,” they wrote. “We stan an icon.”

This badass babe is no stranger to clapping back on the public when it’s called for. After the singer posted a cryptic tweet fans misconstrued as a hint she was expecting with her then-fling, Yungblud, she fired back with a snappy reply.


“People think my last tweet is me hinting I’m pregnant,” she acknowledged in a follow-up tweet back in February. She continued, saying the reason must be she’s either “gaining weight” or “acting weirder than usual.” She closed out her tweet, revealing, “Jokes on [you], I’m doing BOTH! However, STILL not pregnant!”

Maybe all of these questioning fans thought she was trying something fun with her makeup artist, but at the end of the day, the New Jersey native isn’t afraid to spill the tea. You tell ’em, Ashley.