So much for letting bygones be bygones. G-Eazy’s new single, “Had Enough,” is seemingly pointed at his ex-girlfriend and fellow artist Halsey

The lyrics of the first verse read: “Talking ’bout my crazy-ass ex/ Somehow I still failed her last test/ Few years the last time we had sex/ So why you call me trippin’, all mad pressed?/ All them lies that you was tellin’ on me/ Hopin’ I lose, you hope an L is on me/ She would tell anybody, she’d go and tell her homie/ She would go on TV, she’d go on Ellen on me/ Send them shots, just know I’m hard to kill.”

The on-again, off-again couple dated from August 2017 to July 2018 and had a lot of drama along the way. Many of Halsey’s singles, including “Without Me” and “You Should Be Sad,” are, in part, about her toxic relationship with G-Eazy (real name Gerald Gillum) and his alleged cheating. 

Additionally, in February 2020, Halsey called out a fan for repeatedly yelling her ex’s name during a performance. Gerald clearly references that instance in “Had Enough” with the line: “But let somebody say ‘G-Eazy,’ you go apes–t.”

Following Halsey and G-Eazy’s breakup, the “929” singer moved on with U.K. musician Yungblud, which the rapper also addresses in the second verse: “Rebounds, I see who I’m replaced with/ You took no time, you can’t waste it.”

G-Eazy Calls Out Halsey in New Single
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Perhaps the most obvious lyrical connection to Halsey in “Had Enough” is a reference to her song “Forever … (is a long time)” off her 2020 Manic album. In the song, the New Jersey native sings, “‘Cause I could never hold a perfect thing and not demolish it.”

G-Eazy mirrored that line with, “You can’t have a good thing, you love to  break s–t.” As it stands, Halsey has yet to comment on the single and it’s unlikely that she will. After a brief romance with American Horror Story actor Evan Peters, she and Yungblud appear to be back together and happier than ever.

As for G-Eazy, he and former Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson started seeing each other in May following her split from girlfriend Cara Delevingne.

G-Eazy Calls Out Halsey in New Single
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