Preach, girl! Iskra Lawrence reacted to the backlash Nike received over their plus-sized mannequins and she’s not here for it. The athletic brand recently unveiled its new inclusive store displays and, while many applauded the initiative, some responded with hate.

“Been struggling to condense and put into words how I feel about backlash that [Nike] have received after introducing plus-size mannequins,” the 28-year-old began a lengthy post on Instagram on Tuesday, June 11. She also mentioned the addition of “para-sport mannequins,” which the model described as “a huge step forward in representation.”

iskra lawrence response to nike plus sized mannequins
Courtesy of Iskra Lawrence Instagram

The blonde beauty reposted a journalist who called the mannequins “obese” and said “she is not readying herself for a run … She cannot run. She is, more likely, prediabetic and on her way to a hip replacement.” The person also called the campaign “terrible cynicism.”

Besides being met with a slew of responses slamming the unfair review, Iskra also jumped in with her own opinion. “This is fatphobia, shaming other people’s bodies and passing judgment on their health is not your business … Excluding diverse bodies is the opposite of progress,” she continued her post.

Iskra Lawrence plus sized weight body positivity pink tshirt jean shorts
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The Aerie representative divulged that she’s been “nearer the size of a traditional mannequin” but is “currently nearer the size of the new plus size mannequin.” Iskra affirmed, “News flash — I am more healthy NOW than I was when I was thinner — because being skinny does not equal being healthy. Yet, if I asked fatphobic people, they would ASSUME that I was healthier the thinner I was.”

The model then promised that she feels strong and healthy just the way she is. “Firstly, no one should need to prove this. Secondly, I’m nearly 200lbs of ‘I will kick your a$$ in a sprint, boxing jumping and lifting over half my body weight.'” Yes, tell ’em!

Iskra Lawrence red sparkly dress red carpet messy bun curves body positivity
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The activist proceeded to write, “How dare you try and disallow other humans from being represented. Everyone has the right to look after their bodies regardless of the size they wear or where their current fitness level or health is.”

Iskra added that health is a person’s “greatest gift” and “seeing a mannequin [and] having access to clothing in your size encourages inclusion and promotes diverse bodies taking part in fitness.” The British babe cheekily noted with any eye-rolling emoji, “Also, if they choose to wear they shiny new fire Nike leggings to watch TV — that’s also OK.”

Bottom line, inclusion matters. The starlet concluded, “All bodies deserve representation, inclusion and to know they are worthy of being loved and taken care of. For too long it’s been believed if you cannot see you cannot be. Well, diverse bodies aren’t invisible and aren’t going anywhere so get ready to see them everywhere.”

Keep spreading positivity, Iskra!