The shade! Bachelor Nation alum Ivan Hall called Bachelorette star Rachel Recchia’s “ups and downs” a “red flag” amid her joint season with co-leading lady Gabby Windey.

“Rachel is a roller coaster — ups and downs, ups and downs, ups and downs,” the former contestant from Tayshia Adams’ season, 30, said on his podcast, “The Vibe” with fellow franchise alum Demar Jackson on Tuesday, August 9.

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ABC/Gizelle Hernandez

Ivan noted that the pilot, 26, is a “sweet girl” but found her behavior to be a “red flag at this point.” 

“These guys, they have to be like when [host] Jesse [Palmer] comes up to them and it’s like, ‘Hey, the group date is canceled because some stuff happened and Rachel wanted to cancel.’ In my mind, I’m like all right, this is one, two, three, four too many times on me,” he continued. “I would have pulled a [contestant] Logan [Palmer] and switched teams when she pulled that.” 

Demar, 28, quipped that Ivan “would’ve been sent home” before he had the opportunity to join Gabby’s group of men. 

Ivan doubled down on his claims by commenting a red flag emoji on the post and responded to several critical responses to his opinion.

“It’s [definitely] all Rachel being crazy and not the producers manipulating her [and] her men [and] the edit,” one user commented sarcastically about the other elements involved in the show.

Ivan acknowledged, “It’s a mix.” He later noted he’s a “big fan of both leads” when a separate follower urged him to “have some empathy.”

He even defended Rachel when another responder said she was “not there to find a husband” but instead just wanted to become an “influencer.”

“You can go on the show to find love and start becoming an influencer, as well,” the podcast host responded. “I don’t see anything wrong with wanting multiple things out of the experience.”

Rachel came under scrutiny by fans during the August 8 episode for canceling a group date after Logan said he still “had feelings” for Gabby and wanted to join her group of contestants. 

“I feel like I’m just getting dealt really bad cards,” she said through tears during the episode. “Like, pretty much in a row. So, it’s hard to keep having momentum.” 

Earlier in the season, Rachel had also called off past cocktail parties and rose ceremonies during emotional moments, and some fans thought she wasn’t maximizing the time she had with her guys.

“Why would you cancel a group date filled with men that are obsessing over you? I know it’s stressful but you have so many reasons to be happy … it’s right in front of you SMH,” one person wrote on Twitter. Another person agreed, “How are you going to find the man that actually loves YOU if you keep ruining their time over men you’re clearly not meant to be with #TheBachelorettes.”

For Rachel’s part, she seemingly addressed scrutiny by tweeting, “Hot girls cry,” on August 8. She also retweeted a meme that read, “My life might be a constant s—t show, but it’s always a show.”