Jenn Tran is pinching herself over the fact that Ryan Reynolds is a certified member of Bachelor Nation. The Bachelorette lead was left fangirling after she saw the Deadpool actor’s reaction to the season 21 premiere on Instagram.

Jenn, 26, took to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, July 9, to repost a text conversation that was originally shared by the official Bachelorette account. Someone had sent Ryan’s Instagram post to the New Jersey native, to which Jenn responded in an all-caps string of replies, “SHUT THE F–K UP. I’M FREAKING OUT. I’M NOT OKAY RIGHT NOW. HE ACTUALLY WATCHED THE SHOW. ARE YOU KIDDING ME.”

In two other texts, Jenn added, “I’M SO UNWELL. MY LIFE IS FAKE.”

The account tagged Ryan, 47, in the post and wrote, “Your 18-49 demo has been reached.” Meanwhile, Jenn clarified in her repost that she was “mainly freaking out” because there was “no way” that Ryan’s wife, Blake Lively, “didn’t watch WITH Deadpool.”

On his Instagram, Ryan shared the Bachelorette-inspired Deadpool & Wolverine ad that aired during the premiere on Monday, July 8. The commercial featured the IF star and Hugh Jackman as they discussed why their film was the “perfect date night movie.”

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“And 18 to 49-year-old women are a super important demo for us,” Ryan, while in his Deadpool costume, told Hugh, 55, of why they were doing the ad in the first place. The Free Guy actor then rattled off several Gen Z phrases and even gave Jenn a shoutout by saying, “Jenn-ergy.”

In his caption, Ryan confirmed that he watched the premiere by sharing some of his favorite moments from the episode.

jenn tran ryan reynolds reaction
Jenn Tran/Instagram

“Thought Jenn made some strong choices, except for sending my countryman Brendan packing. Marcus is easy on the eyes, Grant was a little much and the day trading thing, but I get it,” he wrote. “Two Sams will get confusing so slightly leaning towards Sam N. Jenn’s mom might have been the highlight and Melbourne, Australia, felt like a Hugh shout out so bit of a lowlight there. Overall, great start. What was I talking about again?”

Jenn commented on the post, “Wait you told me that Wolverine didn’t want to meet me … I can’t believe you’d lie to me like this!”

Jenn is finding her own love story on The Bachelorette after she was eliminated while dating Joey Graziadei on season 28 of The Bachelor. According to her bio, she has had “multiple serious relationships but is still looking for a man who’s as reliable and thoughtful as she is.”

During a group toast in the premiere, the aspiring physician assistant told her suitors, “I hope guys are here for something serious. Here for a ferocious love,” she explained. “That’s what I want. I’m not perfect. I don’t expect you guys to be perfect, and we’re just gonna have some fun with it.”

Jenn also told People in an interview published on premiere day that she was “very happy” with how her season turned out.

“I learned so much every day that I was there [to find out] about myself and what I wanted in a relationship. There was so much growth,” she said.