Jenn Tran began her journey to find love with 25 men on the season 21 premiere of The Bachelorette. Before we see what happened on night one, though, there’s a flash forward to Jenn’s final rose ceremony. She placed the final rose on the podium. Then, a scene showed Jesse Palmer asking if she was OK with what was happening before Jenn knocked on the door of someone’s hotel room and went inside.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait several weeks to see what happens there. The Monday, July 8, premiere began with Jenn, 26, reintroducing herself to viewers. “I’m looking for a partner who really prioritizes me and values me and listens to me and sees me and tries to understand me and wants to love me,” she said.

Jenn arrived at the new season 21 mansion and caught up with Jesse, 45, before meeting the men on her season.

‘The Bachelorette’ Season 21 Limo Entrances

The first man Jenn met was Marcus Shoberg. He told her that he has three dreams — serving his country, going to outer space and finding his person. Marcus, 31, said he was “lucky enough” to have some of those dreams come true and was now ready for love. In his confessional, he opened up about how he almost died during his final of six deployments as an Army ranger.

Marvin Goodly was the next man out of the limo. After he spoke to Jenn in French, she gushed, “Marvin is tall tall and hot hot. I like Marvin. Marvin’s a cutie.” Sam Nejad revealed to Jenn that he had never been in love before and explained in his confessional that it was because he comes from a “traditional” background and didn’t want to make someone his girlfriend unless they were going to be his wife.

Who Do You Want to See as the Next Golden Bachelor?

Grant Ellis showed off his beat boxing skills when he met Jenn. In his introduction package, he revealed that he used to play professional basketball overseas before an injury ended his career. Now, he works in finance and is looking for his person. Sam McKinney had Jenn picture their possible future together and opened up in his package about being cheated on by his former fiancée his last relationship.

While Sam was confident that Jenn wouldn’t forget his “shot o’clock” joke when they met, several other men also used her catchphrase when they got out of the limo. Meanwhile, Thomas Nguyen gave Jenn a friendship bracelet with his last name on it. Like Grant, he was also a former athlete and tried to make the 2016 Olympics in swimming before an injury set him back. Thomas also had a lot in common with Jenn, with his parents both being Vietnamese too.

Jenn was definitely impressed by Tomas Azzano, who came out of the limo with puppies and had her swooning. Jonathon Johnson also stood out because he arrived in a hospital gown with his bare butt sticking out.

Aaron Erb, whose twin brother, Noah Erb, previously appeared on The Bachelorette and got engaged to Abigail Heringer after meeting on Bachelor in Paradise, was ready for his turn to find love. He was previously divorced after getting married at the age of 21. Jenn was turned on by Aaron’s arrival on a motorcycle.

Jeremy Simon showed up in a flashy Corvette car, which rubbed some of the other guys the wrong way. He also made a joke about his “size,” which Jenn seemed a bit put off by. However, she was impressed with Dylan Buckor, a medical student.

Jenn got “Pete Davidson vibes” from Devin Strader, who she said was “so sweet.” Devin admitted in his intro package that he’s a “big personality” who his friends would describe as “loud.” However, since Jenn previously said that’s what she’s looking for, he was confident in his chances.

Hakeem Moulton arrived with dozens of balloons tied to his back and let Jenn know that it represented how he felt when he learned she was going to be the Bachelorette.

Who Got Jenn Tran’s 1st Impression Rose on ‘The Bachelorette’?

Before Jenn could give out her first impression rose, she had one-on-one conversations with most of the men. Sam M. pulled Jenn aside first and they agreed they were both looking for a “reckless” love. After the talk, Jenn felt like she and Sam were on the “same page” about what they wanted. “It’s an undeniable connection,” she admitted.

Spencer Conley and Jenn had a lot of laughs, but he also was able to open up about his job and they bonded over their love of animals. “He has golden retriever energy, which I am digging,” Jenn gushed. Thomas and Jenn bonded over how much they had in common with their families both being from Vietnam and their mothers sacrificing so much for them.

Meanwhile, the men remained confused about Jonathon’s hospital gown costume, which was complete with bandages across his entire face. “We’re all just waiting to see what this man looks like,” one person said.

The group played truth or dare together to “loosen the mood” and get to know each other better. Austin Ott took a dare to go streaking around the house. Jenn loved seeing the men being bold and opening up.

Sam N. spoke more to Jenn about why he’s never been in a relationship before. Jenn respected that he takes relationships and marriage so seriously. Jonathan finally got one-on-one time with Jenn and explained that he wanted her to get to know him on the inside before he took the bandages off his face. When he finally took the bandages off, Jenn liked what she saw and said his gimmick made for a “really good first impression.”

It wasn’t long before some interruptions started. Jeremy took Jenn out to the Corvette, but Brian Autz took it upon himself to jump in and take Jeremy’s spot in the front seat. Afterward, Jenn had a great conversation with Devin and she loved that he opened up about his family. “We laugh, we have fun, but he can be serious,” she explained. She also had an “easy” and “comfortable” conversation with Marcus and liked what she heard from Aaron.

Finally, it was time for Jenn to give out her first impression rose, which went to Sam M. She told him that she couldn’t stop thinking about him all night because there was something in her “gut” telling her there could be something between them. He also got her first kiss of the evening and she admitted that “it just feels so right.”

Who Did Jenn Tran Eliminate on Night 1 of ‘The Bachelorette’?

At the rose ceremony, Sam already had his rose, and the following men also received roses: Dylan, Thomas N., Spencer, Grant, Marcus, Tomas A., John, Jeremy, Brian, Aaron, Jahaan, Hakeem, Jonathon, Austin, Marvin, and Sam N.

So, the seven men who went home were: Brendan, Brett, Caleb, Dakota, Kevin, Matt and Ricky.