What a good mama! Jenna Dewan took to Instagram on Monday, April 20, to gush over her daughter Everly‘s artwork, and it’s pretty sweet.

“I love this kid,” the 39-year-old captioned the snap of her 6-year-old’s drawing, which consisted of unicorns and a princess. She’s so creative!

Aside from being an artist in the making, Everly, whom Jenna shares with ex Channing Tatum, is a great big sister to her newborn sibling, Callum. Jenna welcomed her first child with her fiancé, Steve Kazee, on March 6, and Everly has been adjusting well to her family’s newest addition.

Everly Tatum's Drawing
Courtesy of Jenna Dewan/Instagram

“Everly was desperate for a little sister, but the minute she saw her baby brother she wanted to hold him and play with him,” a source exclusively divulged to Life & Style in March. “Jenna let Everly carefully hold Callum and then she gently kissed him on the forehead. Jenna can’t wait for Everly and Callum to bond.”

It turns out, Everly was preparing for the role of a lifetime. In January, Jenna revealed her mini-me was helping out in any way she could.

“She just said to me this morning, ‘I’m preparing myself for that baby to cry all the time,’” the brunette beauty told Life & Style and reporters at the time.

Though she may be a kid, it’s clear Everly is mature for her age “It was so adult,” the mom of two shared.  “She asked me if the baby cried in the night she could get out of her bed and go sing the baby a song. And I was like, that is so sweet. So she’s already preparing herself and she’s excited. She’s old enough to understand that she’s going to have responsibilities and she’s a big sister. She’s taking it very seriously.”

Speaking of responsibilities, now that Jenna has two children, things have gotten pretty hectic for her. On April 4, she shared a makeup-free photo with a caption many parents can probably relate to.

“Milk stains. Who knows what this hair is doing. PJ’s still on at noon,” the Step Up alum wrote on Instagram at the time. “Maaaaybe [sic] I’ll go for a walk? Or … eat a cookie and soak up my baby outside in the sun.” We think she’s doing a great job!