Coming soon? Kathy Hilton gave an update on daughter Paris Hilton and her husband Carter Reum’s baby plans while speaking exclusively to Life & Style nearly one year after the couple tied the knot during their California wedding.  

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, 63, says her daughter, 41, will “absolutely” have kids after being asked if Paris and Carter, 41, will expand their family “soon.” 

Luckily, it’s been “great” having Carter as the newest member of the family. ”He’s wonderful,” Kathy gushes over her son-in-law while attending DIRECTV Wives Night Out in New York City on Thursday, October 13. “He’s lovely.”  

Kathy Hilton: Paris, Carter Reum Will 'Absolutely' Have Kids
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While the Young and the Restless alum anxiously awaits for Paris to have her first child, she has her hands full with her other adorable grandchildren. 

Nicky Hilton Rothschild just welcomed baby No. 3, a boy, with husband James Rothschild, in July. The pair, who got married in 2015, also share daughters Teddy and Lily-Grace. In addition, Kathy’s son Barron Hilton welcomed his first child, son Caspian, with his wife, Tessa, in September. Needless to say, Kathy adores being a grandma.

“That old saying, when you get tired and you want to go take a nap, you can say, ‘All right, kids go home,’” she jokes about her favorite part of being a grandparent. The reality star notes that she and husband Richard Hilton really “enjoy” their kids’ little ones and are “looking forward to Halloween” because she’ll be going trick-or-treating with her grandkids. 

It comes as no surprise that Paris and Carter are hoping to have a baby sooner than later. The This Is Paris star has been talking about having little ones since walking down the aisle with her husband in November 2021. 

“I just can’t wait to start a family and have kids, and I just have never felt like this in my life, like so safe, and I trust him,” the Simple Life alum said on “The Bellas Podcast” in April. “I’m happy I found, like, a guy who’s from, like, a small town and so sweet and really good family values.”

Paris, who previously said she was going through IVF, said she thought the idea of having twins would be “amazing.”

“I would like a twin boy and girl just to, like, get both … but I would love that or twin girls because I love girls,” the Cooking With Paris star explained, noting that wouldn’t be the end of their baby plans. “We want like three or four. But whatever happens, happens.”

Reporting by Diana Cooper