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~That’s Hot~! Paris Hilton’s Bikini Pictures Are Incredible! See Her Sexiest Swimsuit Pictures

That’s definitely hot! After her big break on The Simple Life in 2003, Paris Hilton became a worldwide sensation quickly. From being a model, to working as an entrepreneur and to becoming a DJ, the New York City native has made a name for herself in several industries. With any busy celebrity, however, Paris occasionally needs time to herself away from the spotlight, so the blonde babe likes to hit the beach wearing her sexiest bikinis and swimsuits!

“#Sliving Summer is ‘round the corner [sic]!” the Confessions of an Heiress author captioned an Instagram carousel post in May 2022. In the photos, she donned a black and white checkerboard two-piece swimsuit while standing on the beach.

Although she exudes confidence, Paris has previously opened up about dealing with the pressuring beauty standards while growing up in the public eye. In an April 2022 interview with Yahoo Life, she described the difficulty of managing the early 2000s body shape expectations.

“It was definitely hard with just so many people judging you based on your appearance and just speaking about everyone in the industry,” the Paris In Love alum explained. “Back then, there were very unhealthy standards of beauty and what that meant … There were unrealistic beauty standards that people use to look up to, that kind of waif unhealthy body type.”

Now, the Hilton Hotels heiress practices a less hectic daily routine.

“My schedule has definitely changed,” she revealed to the outlet. “Before, I was always everywhere and traveling, and going to all the parties and staying out late, and going to every music festival and all of that. But being really busy and always traveling on the go will sometimes have a toll on your body and your mind.”

Paris also gave her own advice on how to manage the pressuring societal standards.

“When you’re growing up, there’s just so much pressure around caring so much about what someone else is going to say, and now with social media and all these different areas for anyone to come in and comment on you or the way you feel or the way you look or anything like that,” the House of Wax actress added at the time. “Just do not pay attention to the negative because people who are being mean or negative, that’s just because they’re not happy with themselves. So, they choose to project that on to other people. It’s not worth taking in. There’s no point in doing that to yourself.”

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