Positive vibes only! Kourtney Kardashian admitted she “never cared” about having stretch marks and was “surprised” after fans praised her for putting her tiny imperfections on display via social media. “I’ve had stretch marks since eighth or ninth grade on the side of my booty,” the Keeping Up With the Kardashians starlet told Health on March 10. “I like them!”

The 40-year-old showed off her stretch marks back in November 2019 while promoting an article on Poosh about how to minimize the appearance of them. The mom-of-three could be seen posing in a teeny bikini on a boat while laying on her stomach. 

Kourtney Kardashian Stretch Marks (1)
Courtesy of Kourtney Kardashian Instagram

Kourt’s body is absolutely incredible (with or without a few stretch marks), and the reality babe works hard to ensure her lifestyle supports her physique. Her household is “gluten-free and dairy-free,” and she frequently plays around with the keto diet and intermittent fasting

“Sometimes if I’ve had a normal day of eating and I’m pretty full, instead of having dinner, I’ll have some bone broth, especially if I’m not feeling well or starting to get sick,” the brunette beauty added. Of course, she doesn’t mind splurging once in a while — like on King’s Hawaiian rolls.

When it comes to fitness, the E! star’s workouts have become more about “maintenance,” but that doesn’t mean she’s slacking. “I notice better results when I mix it up between trainers or do boxing, so I don’t get burned-out or bored,” she explained. “I’ve also made an effort to get into skincare. I put on a serum every day right out of the shower, under my lotion.”

The lifestyle guru has been living her best life these days, and for her, that means stepping back from her responsibilities on KUWTK. “I’ve been taking less time with filming and, in general, with work. My sisters don’t like when I say ‘setting boundaries,’ but it’s more about a schedule,” she confessed. “I try to make myself available to my kids to really be a mom. And I want to be in charge of my time and schedule in order to do the things that are bringing me happiness.”

Kourtney is killing it with everything from diet and exercise to work-life balance. Keep slaying, mama!