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The Body of a Goddess! Lori Harvey’s Sexiest Braless Pictures Prove Why She’s Hollywood’s Hottest Catch

There’s a good reason Lori Harvey is on the most desirable women in Hollywood. The model is absolutely stunning and has a killer body. She works hard to stay fit and looks amazing in braless outfits.

One of Lori’s go-to looks is a chic blazer with nothing underneath. She rocked the style at the 2019 Harper’s Bazaar ICONS party, where her black jacket buttoned at her waistline, showing off her décolletage.

Steve Harvey‘s stepdaughter wore the look again, this time in a white pantsuit to designer Michael Kors’ February 2022 New York Fashion Week show. But when she turned to the side during arrivals, her jacket nearly came open, risking a wardrobe malfunction. Fortunately, it appeared Lori had some good double-sided tape on, as the garment kept in place throughout the rest of the event.

The dazzling model, who turned 25 in 2022, has gone braless in playful outfits to major events over the years. She wore a fun floral long-sleeved top with a deep, plunging neckline and matching shorts while attending the 2018 Daytime Emmys. Lori proudly accepted the trophy for Outstanding Informative Talk Show Host in place of her beloved stepdad Steve, who was unable to attend the ceremony. But what a gorgeous replacement he had!

Lori has been honest about how hard she works to keep her fabulous figure in shape. She was open with fans in a May 2022 TikTok video about the sacrifices she underwent to lose 15 pounds of “relationship weight” while dating then-boyfriend Michael B. Jordan. She had taken it off by the May 2, 2022, Met Gala, where she wore a black gown with a large torso cut-out showing off her ripped abs.

“Everyone’s asking what it is I specifically did to get my body to this point,” Lori began, stating, “When Mike and I got together, I gained like 15 pounds of relationship weight and it was horrible. None of my clothes fit, it was not OK.”

“I’ve been consistently using Pilates for the last year — I’ve done it for a few years but I’ve been really consistent for the last year,” she continued. “When I was trying to drop weight, I was working out like five, six times a week and for the first month and a half I would even do it two [times] a day.” Lori added that she also mixed in cardio workouts.

Lori then revealed how she cut way back on what she ate. “I was in a calorie deficit — I think I was maybe consuming like 1,200 calories a day max,” adding, “I wasn’t on a specific eating regimen. I was just trying to do meat and veggies and minimal carbs.”

“That’s how you drop because Pilates alone is not gonna make you lose weight. It’s just gonna give you long, lean muscles. So yeah, that’s how I did it,” Lori concluded, giving fans her exact plan on how to achieve a body like hers!

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