Addressing the drama. Love Is Blind star Irina Solomonova apologized to the cast members she “mistreated” during the Netflix show’s fourth season following fan backlash about her attitude during the show.

“The first thing I want to say is that I have privately apologized to the people I have hurt,” Irina shared in a TikTok video uploaded on April 2. “Second of all, I wanted to say I’m so sorry for the people that watched the show that felt frustrated, angry, hurt by the way that I was mistreating people on the show. I was very immature and naive of me in a lot of those situations.”

Specifically, she called out Zack GoytowskiBliss Poureetezadi, Amber Wilder, Jackelina Bonds and Micah Lussier who didn’t “deserve to be treated the way that I treated them.”

Irina concluded her social media video explaining that she is “truly so so sorry,” explaining that she wants to “add value to people” and “make people feel seen” in life. She added, “Who I was on the show was the complete exact opposite of that person.”

Keep reading for all the details on the Irina drama and why she’s being called a mean girl. 

What Did Irina Do During ‘Love Is Blind 4’?

Irina made headlines alongside Micah, who became fast friends on the show, because of the way they treated other Love Is Blind contestants. The duo were quickly dubbed the “mean girls” of the series on social media.

Irina in Season 4 of Love Is Blind
Courtesy of Netflix

“For us, it was really helpful to have a little sense of normalcy,” Micah told Entertainment Weekly in March. “Being able to laugh and make light and make jokes and, well, maybe sometimes the jokes didn’t land or maybe it didn’t look the best, but we needed that in that moment to feel like a normal person. Because you’re a part of this experience that is so beyond words. To be able to make a little bit of light out of such a hard thing was really helpful.”

Irina, for her part, added that she and Micah’s “coping mechanism was laughing” while they were filming the show.

“I honestly will say on the record, 100 percent, I did not intentionally ever want to hurt anyone,” she explained. “[Hearing] that I hurt people’s feelings genuinely breaks my heart.”

Did ‘Love Is Blind 4’ Star Micah Apologize?

Ahead of Irina’s apology video, Micah shared one of her own.

“I have apologized privately to the people that were hurt on the show by my hands. I would like to apologize publicly,” she shared, in part, via Instagram Stories in late March. “An emotional immaturity was shown and I will grow from it. To the viewers I’ve hurt. I’m sorry I’ve triggered so many of you with my behavior. Seeing that person on the screen would make me feel the same anger.”

Are ‘Love Is Blind’ Stars Irina and Micah Still Friends?

At one point during the show, Irina made a move on Paul Peden, whom Micah was pursuing (they’re now engaged). Despite the drama, the pair are still friends in real life.

“I think we’ve both grown a lot together and hopefully we’ll continue to grow a lot in the future,” Micah told Entertainment Weekly in the same interview. “I’m a firm believer that if you own up to something you’ve done, then you can get past anything. So as long as she’s not talking that s–t … no, I’m just kidding, but I think what’s meant to be, if we’re meant to continue a friendship, we will.”