The post-pod life looks great on her! Love Is Blind alum Deepti Vempati took a dip back in the dating pool after her two recent splits, she exclusively tells Life & Style in a video interview, but she explains why she is “just focusing” on herself “as of right now.”

“I kind of had a little thing with somebody before, but honestly, I’ve realized right now, I really want to focus on myself,”  Deepti, 32, tells Life & Style while gearing up for her panel appearance at The Bodcon on Sunday, March 5 —  which is an event that promotes body positivity and self-love. “And yes, I go on dates and have fun, but, I think I’m not ready for, like, a super serious relationship right now, or maybe, I haven’t found the [right] person yet.” 

Deepti starred in season 2 of the hit reality dating series, which premiered in September 2022. Viewers praised the former Netflix personality when she made the powerful decision to leave the altar in the season finale and saying, “I’m choosing myself.” 

After experiencing the reality TV life, the business analyst admits that she wouldn’t return for a similar show after her “hard journey” on LiB

“I feel like the experience that I went through, I had to go through it for a reason for personal growth,” Deepti explains. 

Deepti Vempati Love Is Blind Season 2
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Despite the difficulty she faced in the series, the Chicago native points out that she doesn’t “regret any of the things that [she] did on the show because [she] did the best with what [she] had,” and the former reality star cultivated “incredible relationships” as a result.

“I think, for me, Love Is Blind really taught me to [not] waiver from the standards that you’ve built when you’re looking for a relationship and know that you are deserving of all of those qualities that you’re looking for in a partner,” she concludes. 

While fans may not see Deepti in another reality show, the I Choose Myself author has been busy with a multitude of career moves. Her empowering memoir was released shortly after her LiB season aired in September 2022. 

‘Love Is Blind’: Deepti Vempati on ‘Serious Relationship’
Bekah Wriedt

While speaking with Life & Style, the writer explains what her favorite part was in sharing her personal thoughts with the public. 

“The most exciting part about writing it is to kind of, like, have a chance to reflect on your whole life because I haven’t been one to go to therapy yet,” she explains. “That’s something that is a goal of mine for this year, and this was a form of therapy for me, and I hadn’t realized how many pent-up emotions I guess I had with it.” 

As for the downside in writing her memoir, Deepti notes that some people believe it was a “tell-all” that was “full of gossip” and would only be “about the show.” 

“And really, the show’s a very minor part of it, and it’s really mostly about my life and connecting with people on a deeper and different level,” she adds. 

With season 4 of LiB approaching fast, Deepti wants to “encourage” the future contestants to “put your heart out there, and know that no matter what the outcome is, you’re always gonna be safe as long as you love yourself and you show up for yourself because there’s no situation that’s gonna happen where you’re not gonna be able to handle it.”