Boy, bye! Nicole Lopez-Alvar is moving on from Clay Harbor with a new man after Bachelor in Paradise. On September 19, ABC released an unseen clip from the aftershow, which aired two days earlier, that showed the exes coming face-to-face for the first time since the Miami native walked away from the football player on the beach during decision day. Although she was still hurt about the way things ended between the two, it was revealed that she is dating someone new.

“I just want to say I’m sorry for hurting you but I’m happy you have a boyfriend now and you’re moving on,” Clay told Nicole during their sitdown with Chris Harrison. Neither revealed the identity of her mystery man but he sounds like a catch.

“Yeah, I’m with someone who actually wants a relationship, which I deserve 100 percent. I can’t wait,” the reality babe snapped back. “I cannot wait to be someone’s 100 percent and if it’s not with the man I’m dating now, maybe it will be the next one, because I’m not going to wait. And, I honestly don’t have time to wait. I’m young, this is my time, it’s 2019 and no woman should have to even doubt if the man they’re with is in love with them. We shouldn’t have to doubt that.” Preach, girl!

NICOLE LOPEZ-ALVAR, CLAY HARBOR Decision Day Bachelor in Paradise Break up
ABC/John Fleenor

Before the athlete came out to find closure with his Paradise fling, Nicole admitted that she “really did fall for Clay fully and completely.” The pair made it all the way to their overnight date but fizzled out when Clay couldn’t say that he loved her. “I really went into that date thinking, ‘Wow, Clay must see me not only as his girlfriend but possibly as something more.’ Possibly a wife or at least something that was true love. Maybe I was finally that for him,” she explained about their time in the fantasy suite. “So, for us to sit down and him just start telling me his doubts — that had seemed to come out of nowhere — Why now? Why, when things are getting serious, why are you backing out?”

Clay acknowledged, “I can say I did do a lot of things wrong but I did share doubts with you throughout the whole relationship. I told you where I was at.”

However, the reality stud’s excuse didn’t fly with her. “It’s OK to have doubts about a relationship but what’s not OK is to lead me on — or lead a woman on like Angela [Amezcua] — for an extended amount of time, become intimate with them and let them truly fall in love with you,” Nicole further explained. “And then, all of a sudden, when things get so serious you — all of sudden — doubts start coming out. I just wish you were honest with me.”

NICOLE LOPEZ-ALVAR, CLAY HARBOR Break UP on the Beach in Paradise
ABC/John Fleenor

Clay’s ex before the show became a point of contention when she joined the cast later in the season. In hindsight, Nicole admitted that she regrets not being open to hearing the brunette beauty’s side of things. “Honestly, I wish I could’ve talked to Angela about what exactly she experienced with Clay because I was about to become Angela 2.0,” the contestant from Colton Underwood‘s season confessed. “I was about to be maybe dangling on to his ‘what ifs’ and ‘maybe I’ll get there, maybe.’ What’s another two months? He still would have not been there.”

We hope Nicole’s new boyfriend is a keeper!