Been there, done that! Kendall Long exclusively dished to Life & Style some key advice for the new couples coming off season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise. She and her boyfriend, Joe Amabile, left season 5 broken up but rekindled their relationship after filming. They’ve now been together for over a year and she’s learned a lot along the way.

“I would say that my best advice is to go with your own timeline because, as soon as you’re public, as soon as everybody knows you guys are together, people start talking about babies and engagement and marriage and all that stuff,” she confessed. “So, I would just say trust each other and your timeline and also trust each other with everyone else’s opinion. Just kind of, you know, go with your own flow.”

Kendall Long Kisses Joe Amabile on the Cheek
Courtesy of Kendall Long Instagram

The blonde beauty used to be a self-proclaimed commitment-phobe but surprisingly confessed that the unconventional way she met Joe actually helped their love grow. “I think in the beginning it forced our relationship in a good way to be completely transparent and completely open,” she said. “So, we’d have conversations about things that made us uncomfortable in the beginning because everybody else brought it up. In a way, it made us stronger quicker, which was refreshing in a relationship.”

Kendall and Joe’s romance being put under a microscope by fans actually helped the California babe with her fear of settling down. “I think the one thing that changed with me is that I had to learn to be comfortable with my own fear of things,” she divulged. “I still struggle with it. Joe is really amazing with helping me with that. Coming off the show, you almost feel like you’re so much more ready.”

She’s learned a lot from the ups and downs of her romance and is tapping into her inner Chris Harrison to help others make a connection on her podcast produced by Studio71, Down to Date. “You can almost see the formula and how to have a really strong, committed relationship that can last a lifetime,” she explained about the reality franchise. “I wanted to carry that into the podcast to facilitate more in-depth conversations and getting things out of the way in the beginning. So, you can really get an idea of who the person is that you are meeting for the first time, as opposed to surface-level questions.”

Kendall Long Down to Date Podcast
Courtesy of Kendall Long

It’s amazing to see how candid Kendall is about her own relationship — We’re always rooting for her and Joe!