Happily (n)ever after? Clay Harbor and Nicole Lopez-Alvar have been one of the more solid couples during season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise. However, will they be able to go all the way and get engaged during the September 17 finale? The football player will have an opportunity to get down on one knee but — as fans know — Paradise isn’t always smooth sailing. Keep reading to find out the fate of Clay and Nicole’s relationship. Caution: Spoilers for the Paradise finale are below. Do not keep reading if you don’t want to know what happens.

CHRIS HARRISON, NICOLE LOPEZ-ALVAR During Bachelor in Paradise Finale Proposals
ABC/John Fleenor

Clay and Nicole make it to the very end of the season, but break up on decision day. According to Reality Steve, Clay won’t get down on one knee and can’t give the reality babe what she wants after she demands that he say that he loves her. It’s a bit surprising that they called their whole relationship off because their romance was able to survive quite a bit of drama on the beach.

First, Christian Estrada and Jordan Kimball both had their eyes on the Miami beauty. She went on a one-on-one date with both contestants but decided that Clay was the guy for her. Plus, Christian and Jordan were both sent home after getting into an explosive fight over a piñata.

NICOLE LOPEZ-ALVAR and Chris Harrison during Paradise season 6 Aftershow
ABC/John Fleenor

Then, Clay’s ex-girlfriend Angela Amezcua joined the cast after Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson‘s wedding. Although things were very awkward at the beginning, the brunette babe ended up hitting it off with Chase McNary — although they split before the finale.

Dropping the L-bomb was a very big deal for Clay. He previously admitted to Nicole that he never said it to Angela, despite dating for eight months and talking about what they were going to name their future children. “In my whole last relationship, I never said I love you,” he explained earlier in the season while dishing about his love life. “I never said it, no. I care about her a lot and stuff. But I mean, to me, that is a really strong word. If I love you, you’re my wife”

It looks like Clay still hasn’t found the right woman. As for Nicole, we’re sure there’s love in her future!