Coming in hot. Christian Estrada swooped into season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise ready to shake things up on the August 13 episode. The contestant from Becca Kufrin‘s season rocks the boat for Clay Habor when he asks Nicole Lopez-Alvar out on a date and he also cooks up some serious drama with Jordan Kimball. Keep reading to see what unfolds for Christian on Paradise. Caution: Spoilers for the August 13 episode are below. Do not keep reading if you don’t want to know what happens!

Nicole is a hot commodity in this season but seems pretty solid in her relationship with Clay. She went on a date with Jordan during the August 12 episode, but gushed to the football player that he was “no comparison.” He shouldn’t get too comfortable though because Christian seemingly creates some major competition when he takes the Miami babe out for a one-on-one date, according to Reality Steve.

Things take a very unexpected turn later that evening. Christian pulls Nicole aside for a little more time together and brings a piñata because … reasons. Clay tries to interrupt, but the stud basically tells him to take a hike.

When the pro football player tells the group what happened, Jordan steps in to avenge his pal. According to the gossip outlet, the self-proclaimed “mayor of Paradise” tries to rip down the piñata, but Christian grabs his arm before he can do so. Jordan pulled a similar stunt when he threw a teddy bear into the ocean that David Ravitz gave to his ex Jenna Cooper.

Jordan Kimball Bachelor in Paradise Shocked on the Beach

This time, things escalated quickly and ended with Jordan and Christian getting into a legit fight on the beach that had to be broken up by production. Their behavior was not acceptable and Chris Harrison reportedly sends them both packing on the spot.

Although Christian basically only spends one day in Paradise, he certainly made quite an impression. Buckle up, fam, we have a feeling there’s more drama coming our way.