Our favorite male model Jordan Kimball has returned for season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise. He’s hoping for another chance at love after getting engaged to Jenna Cooper last season. Unfortunately, their relationship crashed and burned after alleged text messages were leaked from the blonde beauty that revealed she was faking her feelings.

He definitely came in hot this season and was prepared to shake things up. “I’m dialed in, I’m healthy, ready to go, emotionally, mentally, physically,” he told Chris Harrison about his new outlook on life. He added, “I can’t replace last summer, but I can put better memories ahead.”

Jordan Kimball and Hannah Godwin Bachelor in paradise First Day

Jordan deemed himself as “the mayor” of Paradise and couldn’t wait to take on Mexico. “Someone is gonna be calling me ‘daddy’ by the end of this,” he announced before meeting the rest of the cast. Unfortunately, he may have spoken too soon because he walked right into the center of hurricane Blake Horstmann. Last week’s episode left the stud in a very awkward position after his past with Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Kristina Schulman muddied his connections with Tayshia Adams and Hannah Godwin.

As of the August 12 episode, Blake only had his sights set on Hannah, which put the blonde beauty smack dab in the center of a love triangle with him and Dylan Barbour. “This is not the Blake I expected to walk into. This is not OK,” Jordan confessed. “Blake one-nighted both of these girls like they were a couple of milk cartons at lunch. You can’t do that, buddy.”

Jordan Kimball Bachelor in Paradise Shocked on the Beach

Considering Jordan was coming in fresh, he didn’t really care who was caught in the love web. He ended up asking Hannah out on a date. Although she originally said yes, she eventually changed her mind and wanted to focus on her current entanglements.

Jordan was shook over so many awesome women being preoccupied by Blake’s drama. “Blake’s out here making moves and making love to half the cast out here … he’s putting his spoon in all the pudding! But this is my beach,” he said.

The mayor of Paradise pulled his fellow contestant from Becca Kufrin‘s season aside to get the scoop. However, he wasn’t sold that Blake was planning on changing his ways. “There’s such a thing as putting your foot in your mouth and there’s such a thing as being a dumbass. And, yeah, Blake is being a dumbass.”

Jordan is just the dose of realness Paradise needs right now.