Do we ship? Clay Harbor and Nicole Lopez-Alvar hit it off quickly during season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise. Despite her going on a date with Jordan Kimball during the August 12 episode, she returned to the football player and gushed that there was “no comparison.” It seems like their feelings are growing by the day for each other, but will they leave the show engaged or go their separate ways? Keep reading to see their fate. Caution: Spoilers are below. Do not keep reading if you don’t want to see how this season ends.

Nicole and Clay Paradise Date Week 1

Clay and Nicole make it far, but do not get engaged, according to Reality Steve. The two exchange roses during all of the elimination ceremonies, but split after overnight dates. The gossip outlet claims that the brunette beauty ends things because the football player is not able to say that he loves her and does not want to propose.

It’s interesting that he supposedly won’t drop the L-bomb because he admitted during the August 6 episode that he never told his ex Angela Amezcua that he loved her despite being together for eight months.

“In my whole last relationship, I never said I love you,” the stud explained to Nicole about his relationship with the Bachelor Nation alum. “I never said it, no. I care about her a lot and stuff. But I mean, to me, that is a really strong word. If I love you, you’re my wife.”

Annaliese Puccini is close pals with Clay’s ex and tried to call him out during her short stint on the beach. “My biggest issue is, you know, how much you’re literally crushing her being here,” she said as she confronted him. “I don’t know how you can even walk onto the beach. You guys were looking at houses, talking about babies.”

However, Clay was not here for the drama and shut it down immediately. “We broke up three months ago. We had a discussion,” he admitted. “Honestly, you have very falsified information. Me and Angela have been done for months, and I am looking forward to building a relationship. What reasons do you think I am here for?”

Although it sounds like Clay and Nicole don’t work out, we hope they find love soon!