Bumpin’ along! Pregnant Total Bellas star Nikki Bella took to her Instagram Story on Saturday, April 18 to show off her growing baby bump while laying in bed, binge-watching TV.

“So [I’ve] been up super early, I’ve had a really productive week. Went on an early morning walk with [Birdie Danielson] and Brie [Bella]. I have been so exhausted and I think I know why,” the 36-year-old said as she panned the camera down to her baby bump. “Very, very tired today.”

nikki bella baby bump april 18 2020
Courtesy of Nikki Bella/Instagram

She went on to add she and her fiancé and baby daddy, Artem Chigvintsev, started binge-watching Mrs. America on Hulu, a TV series about the political movement to pass the Equal Rights Amendment. But it looked like Nikki was also planning on taking a nap while watching in bed. “Good night, or afternoon,” she said.

The retired WWE star (real name: Nicole Garcia-Colace) has been spending time in self-quarantine with Artem, 37, twin sister Brie (real name: Brianna Monique Danielson), Brie’s 2-year-old daughter, Birdie, and her husband, Daniel Bryan (real name: Bryan Danielson). Both Brie and Nikki are currently pregnant — Brie is expecting baby No. 2 with Bryan while Nikki is expecting baby No. 1 with Artem — and their due dates are less than two weeks apart.

Thankfully for Nikki, she has her twin to lean on for support during her first pregnancy and she exclusively revealed the Life & Style the best piece of advice Brie gave her. “I have to say, ‘letting go of vanity’ because being a first-time mom, your body changes and it’s not just the outer part but it’s the inner part — your hormones are going crazy,” Nikki said. “You, I think, look at yourself in the mirror a lot differently than people do, and I think you know also being in the spotlight, it’s just double adds.”

Since Nikki was a pro wrestler for 13 years, she was used to keeping her body in shape. But she learned that she would have to adapt as her body continues to change during her pregnancy. “Brie is just constantly reminding me — ‘You’re pregnant. Vanity doesn’t even exist anymore,’ and is trying to just have me be present and appreciate these changes, and it’s tough,” Nikki continued.

But the former Total Divas star added it’s all worth it for her little bundle of joy. “When I see my baby, it’s crazy how all that goes away,” Nikki said. “You just look at this thing growing inside of you and you’re like ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t believe how I’m so in love with something I’ve never even met!'”