It’s always good to keep it truthful — at least, that seems to be Erika Jayne‘s philosophy this season on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The 47-year-old has been relatively cool and collected throughout the big Puppygate scandal, a.k.a. the drama involving costar Dorit Kemlsey and Lisa Vanderpump‘s charity, Vanderpump Dogs, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t standing behind who and what she feels is right in the situation.

“It’s a story that we knew was going to take a lot of explaining and getting that out to the audience and showing all sides to the story,” the singer told Us Weekly while stopping by to promote her new shoe line with ShoeDazzle. “I’m always on Erika’s side. And I happen to be on the truth side of this story, the way I see it.”

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Erika Jayne

As far as LVP and Kyle Richards‘ relationship, well, she definitely felt compelled to come to their defenses when it came to the state of their friendship.

“I feel bad for both of them. I feel bad for Lisa and for Kyle because it was a very tough place for them and their relationship,” she explained. “To confront each other with their true feelings and to be screamed at and basically shown the door and have someone’s husband scream in your face doesn’t feel great.”

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But she added, “I know Kyle did the right thing.” The “right thing” is, of course, in reference to when the 50-year-old made her way to LVP’s house and said her piece to her 58-year-old friend on the most recent episode of RHOBH. But clearly, it wasn’t an easy step to take.

“She felt terrible. She felt very hurt. This was someone that she has had a long working relationship and a personal friendship with,” the one-time soap star said. “She loves Lisa and Ken very much, but this had to be done … I’m proud of Kyle for standing her ground and saying exactly how she felt.”

And that’s “Erika’s side.”