One thing you may or may not know: All the Real Housewives watch each others’ shows. Yep, you read that right. Most of the ladies are close pals with at least one gal from another show in the franchise. But one thing you definitely don’t know is … there’s one Housewife who is actually native to another profiled location in the franchise! Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne spoke exclusively with Life & Style about her Beverly Hills costars and her loyalty to her hometown of Atlanta.

“Well, I’m born and raised in Atlanta, so that is my other franchise. When I watch it, I feel like a kid. I’m watching my hometown,” she revealed about her love for Real Housewives of Atlanta.

When asked who she would (or wouldn’t) get along with from that cast of peaches, she kept it diplomatic, as she usually does: “I’d be friends with all of them.” The 47-year-old singer isn’t one to go out of her way to start drama, but she definitely is one to finish it — we could totally see her as a pleasant, yet powerful force on RHOA.

erika jayne real housewives of beverly hills real housewives of atlanta
Erika Jayne

In a separate interview at the grand opening of MCM Global Flagship on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, Erika reiterated her love for the southern sector of the show, while just generally showing love to ’em all.

“I love all my Housewives, honey,” she gushed. “At Andy’s baby shower, I was able to meet some new faces and really clicked with them. We all share a special bond and have the best time when we’re together. But ATL is close to my heart because it’s my hometown.”

As far as things go in her newfound home of Beverly Hills, Erika feels lucky to be amongst such an encouraging group of gals.

erika jayne real housewives of beverly hills real housewives of atlanta
Erika Jayne

“I am very fortunate to be friends with a group of women that truly support each other’s businesses,” she said. “They are always encouraging me and proud of the work I‘ve been doing, especially when it comes to my brand collaborations.” Erika recently teamed up with ShoeDazzle to launch an exclusive shoe line collection, Erika Jayne x Erika Girardi, and honestly, the kicks are sick.

Plus, with a wardrobe and glam squad like she has (if you watch, you know), it’s not surprising for her to want to design her own closet. It’s basically Carrie Bradshaw-adjacent. In fact, the blonde kind of agrees — because she definitely doesn’t peg herself as the infamous Sex and the City character: “Which was the one that slept with everybody? I’m Samantha.”

Good choice, girl.

Reporting by Diana Cooper