If you’ve been keeping up with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you know everyone’s mad at Lisa Vanderpump. All the drama surrounding her costar Dorit Kemsley and Lisa’s dog charity, Vanderpump Dogs, has all the Housewives throwing shade left and right. Kyle Richards responded to some choice words about Lisa and the feud from Dorit’s hubby, PK Kemsley while appearing on Watch What Happens Live on March 12.

“Tonight, PK essentially praised Vanderpump for being a ‘genius at manipulation and control,’ except of course when Dorit is the victim of that,” a fan called in to Andy Cohen‘s talk show with a question for the 50-year-old about the newest episode. “So, I’m curious, PK knows Vanderpump very well — Kyle, did that comment make you think twice about how Vanderpump may have manipulated you in the past?”

Kyle then decided to attempt to decode the meaning in PK’s comments, but she kind of gave herself away at the same time. “Well, I also know Lisa very well and the way PK said it, I mean, you know, Lisa is extremely bright,” she began.

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“So I think when he was saying that he was saying, yes, she’s manipulative, she’s very bright, she knows what she’s doing, she’s very clever, and you know, those are attributes that I also can admire at times, but not when I’m on the receiving end,” she explained with a smile.

Clearly, Lisa and Kyle are in a pretty sore spot in their relationship lately. Between the absolute blow-up between them during the RHOBH season 9 premiere and Kyle’s response to LVP’s call for the cast to be fired on Twitter (“Interesante,” the brunette wrote on her Instagram stories), it looks like it might be a long time before these two are friends again.

But we can all take a page from Paris Hilton‘s beloved aunt. She kills ’em with kindness — until it’s too late, that is.