In case you need a reminder, everyone’s mad at Lisa Vanderpump — even people who aren’t on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills anymore. Former costar Brandi Glanville slammed the 58-year-old restauranteur over the controversy surrounding the potential spin-off show about her dog charity, Vanderpump Dogs.

“It’s so crazy, and I’m so happy this is finally happening,” the 46-year-old began her rant about her former friend on the March 8 episode of her podcast “Unfiltered.”

“Lisa Vanderpump is a manipulative person, and when I was on the show, I did a lot of her dirty work for her,” Brandi revealed. “I finally realized it and I started calling her on her s—t and I had no backup, zero, and that got me no job … I was let go.”

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The former RHOBH firecracker went on to explain that she’s just glad the alleged secret side of LVP is finally coming to light.

“It’s just so refreshing to see all of these girls finally figuring it out,” she continued. “It makes me feel like, thank God, it’s about f—king time. I love that [Lisa] Rinna is calling her out. This is a setup. This is what she does. It only took nine years, nine seasons for this to be recognized.”

Ever the queen of the call out, cast member Lisa Rinna took to her Instagram stories on March 7 to shame Bravo over the rumors about the spin-off.

“If you are going to use our services without telling us — that we are playing out a storyline to launch a pilot for a new show and you don’t compensate us extra for that,” she wrote. “Yeah, I’m a hustler. I get paid for what I do. So if this indeed becomes another show, my lawyer will be calling.”

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Rinna and the other Housewives feel the main plotline of season 9, which puts the dog organization at the center, was mainly created to cater to a potential spin-off show revolving around the pup haven.

It all started when cast member Dorit Kemsley gave up a dog she adopted from Vanderpump Dogs to a friend after the adoption didn’t work out — the dog ended up in a kill shelter, which naturally upset dog lover LVP.

No matter what happens with this “PuppyGate” scandal going forward this season, we can always count on the Housewives of past and present to come in with the shade.