If you’ve been watching this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you know that Lisa Vanderpump has been going through it lately. The unfinished grieving process from her brother’s untimely death caused her to step away from production for a few months, but costar Lisa Rinna says no other Housewife would have been able to make that kind of choice without consequences.

“I understand that everyone’s grieving process is different and our hearts have gone out to her and we feel so deeply for Lisa Vanderpump,” the 55-year-old soap star said during an appearance on The Jenny McCarthy Show. She was particularly hurt by the fact that Lisa didn’t reach out to any of her costars to let them know she’d be putting her RHOBH life on pause.

“To not show up for work and not contact any of us for two and a half months? I’m so disappointed in that behavior,” she said. “She’s got 400 employees, I can’t imagine if one of her employees did that. They’d be fired. … There was no consequences.”

In fact, Rinna seems to think that Vanderpump Rules being the hit that it gives LVP leverage with production that the other Housewives don’t have.

“She has another show on Bravo. It’s not a fair — it’s not a fair playing field. I’m sorry, it’s not,” she continued. “I think if the tables were turned and it were me — you know, my father passed away while I was filming the show … I think if it were me I would be fired.”

It seems like a lofty statement, but it wouldn’t be the first time Rinna has spoken her mind about something, or the first time a particular Housewife was thought to be considered a favorite by production.

She even went as far as to call LVP “a really bad example of women in the workforce,” so you know Rinna’s a little miffed — it’ll be interesting to see how their friendship plays out this season.